Organic Shakeology Alternatives: The Best Meal Replacement Shake

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Shakeology is a rather popular meal replacement product that is designed to reduce craving. This protein shake has both benefits and flaws. The content of the meal replacement counts for around 50 ingredients. In general, all the ingredients are natural. The main concern is fructose, which is a cheap sweetener added to Shakeology. This component supplies 7 grams of sugar in each serving that reduces the shake’s usefulness for losing weight.


The other issue is plant protein. It is known that most plant-based protein sources lack in essential amino acids. For this reason, Shakeology contains 6 different sources of protein to supplement this scarcity of amino acids. In fact, the shake has whey protein isolate in the content, but its share in the total amount of protein is unknown.

Although, the consumers admit rather good efficiency of Shakeology for appetite suppression, the price of this shake is overestimated. You will have to pay around $130 for 30 servings of the protein shake.

Fortunately, the current market of meal replacement products offers a range of alternatives that contain only natural ingredients.

18 Shake

The best characteristic of 18 Shake is its title of the best meal replacement product in 2017. Indeed, it is hard to find any better solution in the market. The shake includes only organic and qualitative components. The main ingredient of the shake is protein. The protein of 18 Shake comes from whey. This is the best protein option that provides high efficiency to reduce appetite. In addition, the shake can boast of very low sugar content. This characteristic is favorable for weight management purposes.

The users admit many positive effects resulted from using 18 Shake. It can serve as a good meal replacement and a supplement to training program.

The price of the product is very attractive – around $50 for a pack.

Vega One

Vega One shake is the perfect solution for people who need plant protein. The protein in this supplement originates from four sources including hemp, chlorella vulgaris, sacha inchi and pea. Such a blend of proteins is required to supplement the lack of amino acids. Unfortunately, the total quality of protein is low that is evidenced by the users.

The shake also provides numerous minerals and vitamins. Besides, is should be mentioned that no artificial component can be found in the content of Vega One shake.

The consumers complain about bad taste and high price of this shake. Almost $70 is the price for 20 servings of Vega One. Such amount is too high for the set of regular ingredients and ineffective protein.

YES Shake

Another purely natural product is Yes Shake. This protein shake contains a good quality protein formula that is called PuraWhey. Whey protein is one of the best available protein sources that provide good hunger suppression characteristics.

The users separate in their opinions about Yes Shake. Most people are dissatisfied with the taste of the shake. The other share of users admit good efficiency and proper texture of the product. However, almost all users complain about high price ($80) of the shake produced by Yoli.

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