Not Just Farming: Promising Career Opportunities After a Degree in Agriculture

Did you know that the food on your table is an end result of the efforts of countless people involved in the agriculture industry? With the rapid global expansion and alarming environmental fluctuations, one of the greatest challenges faced by modern society is to work towards maintaining a robust agrarian sector. The global agricultural industry … Read more

Everything You Need to Know While Applying for a BCom Course

College Students

Choosing a course to pursue after 12th can be a tricky situation for students. Bachelor of Commerce is a popular course in India among commerce students. In many cases, it is actually the most apparent course for students. BCom is the gateway to a career in commerce from where students can further narrow down to … Read more

When to Go to College: After High-School or Later in Life


We often feel that there is a lot of pressure to go and study immediately following graduation from high-school and there are many advantages to this strategy. However, there is also a lot to be said for waiting until later in life as well. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of … Read more

How to Begin a Career in the Event Planning Industry?

Event Management

Planning events for a living has become a trending career path. A person who has a love of party planning, an eye for detail, and can handle tight deadlines, will fit well with this career path and can enroll himself in event planning courses online. Below are some ideas on how to break into this … Read more