How to Reduce Your Healthcare Cost?

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Healthcare cost is increasing day by day and is also one of the main troublesome financial burdens in our country. It will only increase and may rise to even more in the coming future. Patients, caretakers and health practitioners are concerned by the level of high costs of hospitals, the medical bills, and health insurance.

Medical and health expenses are affecting the people of all income groups. In the last decade, the health and medical costs have risen up considerably. This has put the health of most people at high risk.

There is a lot of divergence in the cost of health care and medical services in different states & cities of India.

The huge expenses which are spent over healthcare are now one of the major reasons that push many families towards poverty.


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Listed below are some of the smart ways that can help in reducing the huge medical costs. The following are some of the clever ways one can help in reducing the big medical costs one occurs.

01. Regular Health Checkups

If someone is experiencing symptoms that last for more than 2 days, they should visit the doctor as soon as possible. Visiting a doctor regularly can help in finding any symptoms of a disease that we usually tend to neglect. Ask a doctor for an appointment and visit a doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms for more than 2 days. This should be done as soon as possible. A disorder or disease can be cured at a very early stage and should not be neglected. By doing this you can always reduce the chance of developing any health issue and then with a proper diet plan you can get the correct medical help. This should also be done with children. Parents should take their children to the doctors for a medical check-up every 2 years once they cross the age of 5.

02. Compare the Benefits of Numerous Health Insurance Policies Before Buying Any

If you have 2 health insurance plans, you can get many benefits when you make a claim through the health insurance policy. This is a process where an individual is covered under 2 health insurance policies and can receive the claim payouts for both plans. Once you compare and understand the coverage plans, it helps you in reducing your healthcare costs.

The rising medical costs and the limited coverages which are offered by the health insurance plans has now made it very necessary for more people to buy more than one medical policies. When you invest in more than just one health insurance plan, you get an extensive coverage to a person but you also get extended protection in case of any medical emergencies, an interim period before changing your company or layoff from a job.

03. Insurance Options

Research is the most important factor when you choose an insurance plan. Usually, people do not do that while selecting a health insurances plan. Research and find the benefits of an insurance plan which benefits the most for you and your family before you buy. With this way, you will be able to save a lot of money for a longer period of time.

When you buy an insurance plan, the insurance company gives you a card that entitles benefits as per that insurance plan. Each medical plan differs in terms of the annual limit, hospital grant and other types of treatment. After the insurance application has been approved, the insurance company of the plan you bought then issues a medical card that the customer has to show before the treatment. These medical or health insurance cards and health insurance plans help in saving your money up to 100% for unwanted expenses.

04. Learn How to Manage Your Medical Costs

A study has shown that there is a very high rate of errors in medical bills. Many people do not worry about it if they are covered under a health insurance cover. People consider paying a small percentage of the medical bill they get through coinsurance and some deductibles. If their medical costs go up, then their health insurance will also increase. When you check for the errors in your medical bills, you will not only save your money if there has been some unseen expense, but you will also be able to keep health insurance costs low. Make sure you have an itemized bill that includes all the medicines and the medical procedure. You should always double-check all the given information which includes the mentioned copays & deductibles. These small mistakes can make you lose a lot of money.

In the last few months, the service of online doctor consultation has risen up and gained a lot of popularity. It is a very convenient way for those who have limited resources or no health insurance at all. It is also a feasible choice for those who live away from their home and also for those who have to travel a lot because of their work. These types of people would choose the convenience of an online doctor.

05. Negotiation & Discounts

Negotiations are very important and most of the department related billing and health services are open to negotiating because it makes their work easier. Patients do not ask for any discount in the middle of an emergency. So, it is better to plan ahead. You can ask if there is any type of discount on an advance payment. Ask if there is a type of policy where there is a discount when you pay cash. Talk to the doctor about such or any concerns which are related to healthcare. The doctor may help and take the finances into his/her consideration and deduct the medical costs.

06. Always Consider a High-Deductible Health Plan

Due to the low premiums of high deductible health plans, these type of plans are gaining Recently, the concepts of High deductible health plans are on the rise. Families who don’t visit a doctor regularly are benefited from such health plans. You also have a benefit attached to such a plan. This benefit is that you can open a health savings account. You can put your savings as investments, and then pay your insurance premiums and also other out-of-the-pocket expenses.

07. Understanding the Health Insurance Plan

When buying health insurance, make sure you understand the various health insurance terms and the effects that come along with it. This would help you save money on your health insurance costs. It is advised to always compare the copay, coinsurance, and components like lifetime maximum insurance benefits.

08. Ask Help from the Health Insurance Brokers

While in the hospital, sometimes, one cannot do all the work by themselves. You can take help from someone who knows the market. They can also help you by staying within the budget. The insurance company helps you with their products and facilities, but a broker can help you by discussing options.

Brokers have a vast knowledge of different plans. They can briefly explain to you the differences that will help you to find a plan that is suitable for your budget.

09. Cost Cutting on OTC Medicines

Medicines are very expensive these days and you cannot always buy prescription drugs. It is possible that you can get the money back you spent on OTC (over-the-counter) medicines. You can ask for alternate medicines and then save money on it. If the pills can be split, you can also ask for a higher dose.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Appointments & Tests

Many hospitals and doctors ask you to perform tests as a precautionary measure. You should talk to a doctor and ask if that test is necessary or not. If the test is not necessary, it can be avoided which helps you in reducing costs. As they say, sometimes, “less is often more” and that proves right in these cases.

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