Things You Need to Know Before Investing in a Senior Citizen Health Plan

Senior Citizen

After 60, life is regarded as a new inning, with fewer duties and more time for self and family. However, as you grow older, you become more susceptible to health problems. Therefore, while it may not be critical to have a guaranteed monthly income even after retirement, it is vital to manage your finances wisely. … Read more

Consider These 4 Factors While Buying Health Plan for Your Family

Health Plan for Your Family

Selecting a health insurance plan can be tricky though a critical financial decision. Whether you’re welcoming a baby or taking care of your elderly parents, having health insurance plans for family provides peace of mind while during an emergency medical situation. With rising healthcare costs, it becomes essential to get adequate protection as early as … Read more

Securing Your Future with Major Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance

One of the most important investments we make towards our future is – Health Insurance. Injuries, diseases, illnesses or any other kind of medical problems can turn out to be extremely expensive if surgery, hospital visits or any critical measures have to be taken. Health cover is probably the only way which can make sure … Read more

How to Reduce Your Healthcare Cost?


Healthcare cost is increasing day by day and is also one of the main troublesome financial burdens in our country. It will only increase and may rise to even more in the coming future. Patients, caretakers and health practitioners are concerned by the level of high costs of hospitals, the medical bills, and health insurance. … Read more

Is Cardiac Ailment Generic?

Cardiac Ailment

What is Cardiac Ailment? Contrary to popular belief, cardiac or heart ailments extend much beyond the dreaded ‘heart attack’. Just like any other organ of our body, the heart, a delicate conglomerate of muscles and blood vessels, has its set of complicated processes. There can be many types of malfunctioning and infections in this tender … Read more

How Health Insurance Can Help You Lead a Healthy and Stress-free Life?

Health Insurance

Raagini Samrat, a 29 year old single woman had everything going right for her. She had a high paying job, an excellent social life and support of great parents who had raised her into an independent, smart and confident woman. Coming from a family of really strong women, Raagini knew that she had to establish … Read more

Does a Claim Service Guarantee Really Guarantee a Pay-out?

Health Insurance

The whole reason you even go in for a health insurance policy is the timely availability of funds in case of a medical emergency. Imagine then, when an insurer fails to settle your claim in time. This completely defeats the purpose of working month after month to pay insurance premiums, doesn’t it? And that’s not … Read more