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If you were thinking for retargeting your lost customers then stop for search anything else than Perfect Audience which is a number one Facebook retargeting platform for those who has lost there audience previously. Retargeting platform allows us to get back the lost customers and visitors which gets lost in the poor time of your website or any other reasons. Let’s see the review of Perfect Audience.

Perfect Audience Really Brings Your Customer Back

We tested the Perfect Audience in our GetHow Site for a week, our result come out was only average 400 new customers. Yes the number is too low but this low number also attacked us because those only 400 customers were enough for us, they were really potential and targeted visitors who really want to visit our website to search something. Our personal opinion is that use of Perfect Audience is quite good if you have lost your customers in social networking websites.

Perfect Audience is Suitable for Small Business

Yes, if you have small business then Perfect Audience is worth to use for your business if you have less engaged customers on Facebook like social website. For large business we do not suggest to use this because it will not worth because every large organization’s success is exist because of its strong social network channel. If you already have a strong social reputation use of Perfect Audience will does not give you anything.

Perfect Audience is Worth for New Websites

If you newly operating a website for your business and have a less and poor social interaction, then use of Perfect Audience will sure bring you targeted customers. We suggest take advantage of such platforms for retargeting in a very fresh situation.

Service Price Rates

Perfect Audience pricing is as low as it gets in the industry with CPM rates falling between $0.25 – 0.40 for Facebook Retargeting and $1.25 – 2.25 for web retargeting on average. As per our opinion yes price is good and cheaper to get involve in such kind of retargeting system.

Our personal opinion is for Perfect Audience is quite a good platform to bring back lost customers.

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