How Facebook Ads ROI Has Shifted in the Post COVID World and Your Takeaway for Success

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit small businesses where it hurts the most, their bottom line. The demand has been at an all-time low, and if the situation does not improve in the near future, the coffers of many small businesses are sure to be depleted, rendering the businesses out of the market.

Every business vertical is affected by the global pandemic and the ad industry too is no exception. Businesses either curtailed their ad spending entirely or adopted the wait and watch marketing approach to check if the market trends improve in the future. However, not all is lost and there is still a silver lining to the global ad trends.

Brands and businesses are now exploring new horizons of the advertisement domain, and this has pushed the envelope of the digital advertisement domain.

Facebook Ads

Ever since the lockdown hit various nations of the world, there has been a huge surge in the number of digital ad impressions. People are now spending an increased amount of time communicating with their mobile devices and this has driven an increased ROI for advertisement on the internet. Know more.

The ad spends by companies and businesses is already shifting from offline to online portals due to their cost-effectiveness and their highly dynamic nature that can be perfectly tailored as per the business requirements.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed businesses to re-strategize their marketing campaigns and this calls for the deployment of effective measures that can guarantee maximum exposure for your business.

Tips For Driving Maximum ROI From Facebook Ads

As the current market trends dictate, brands and businesses are gearing up towards increasing their marketing spends.

It is the perfect time to kickstart your marketing strategies and deploy goal-oriented ad campaigns. Facebook Ads have emerged as the perfect medium that can drive traffic to your website.

But for ads to achieve their goal, there needs to a well-thought-out strategy to complete the sales funnel. Let’s have a look at a few key points that helps you in achieving maximum ROI from Facebook Ads.

1. Select the right product to advertise

Theoretically, every click on Facebook ads costs you money. Hence, you should choose the right products to promote through Facebook ads.

Choosing a niche product to advertise might not drive enough sales and might not be able to meet your sales goals.

The right product will further help you in driving people to your business and effectively meeting your sales targets.

As the lockdown restrictions have mandated people to stay at home, there has been an increased demand for digital shopping options and your ad might just help them to bridge the gap.

2. Use the right video creation platform

Technological advancements have made video creation a breeze. Modern AI-driven video creation tools can streamline your entire video creation journey and facilitate easy video production.

You can deploy any free intro maker for YouTube and create highly impactful ads that are a joy to watch. Since most of the video processing is done on the server-side, video creation is relatively time-efficient. Click here for some editing helps.

Choosing the right platform will help you in creating videos at scale and ensure that you never run out of marketing material. These online video creation platforms do not cost you a bomb and are very cost-effective.

Even if you are someone who is entirely new to the video creation world, the right tool can seamlessly automate most of your video creation steps and churn out an impactful video within a few minutes.

3. Identify current trends

Identifying the right trends can help you identify effective ‘Emerging Advertisement’ opportunities and promote the further reach of your digital shopping platform.

The famous Indian dairy brand, ‘Amul’ has a rich history of leveraging ongoing trends and developing a short term marketing strategy around them.

This approach is not only cost-effective but also generates effortless traction for their marketing campaigns.

You can identify emerging trends by looking over social media feeds and then develop a short-term advertisement strategy.

Ongoing trends have the potential of making your ad go viral and viewers are more likely to share the ad or post the clip on their profile page.

Videos developed around current trends are likely to gain more reach that results in an increased return for your social media investment.

4. Remarket your product

There would be many instances when your customers come to your website or eCommerce portal but don’t complete the purchase in that session.

This calls for effective remarketing strategies to be put in place, and Facebook Ads can help you do just that. Product remarketing keeps your brand name relevant in your audience’s mind and also increases your brand’s visibility.

The dynamic Facebook ads ensure that whatever product the user was looking for can be promoted further in the user’s social media feed.

5. Identify the right audience

Identifying the right audience is as important as the advertising campaign itself. Detailed audience research needs to be carried out to identify the potential accounts where your advertisement would have the maximum impact.

The emails of your prior customers might come in handy in developing an audience base. Specialized tools can help you analyze the email addresses and provide you with metrics that can help you in developing your advertisement strategies.

Final Thoughts

These are extraordinary times that require a shift in approach from every industry vertical. With the right strategy in place, you can successfully drive your business to success using Facebook ads.

Deploying effective strategies takes out most of the guesswork involved in advertising and helps propel your brand to success. It is now the time to get on with your marketing strategies and deploy an effective advertisement Facebook ad campaign for your business.

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