7 Must-Have Business Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur there are two kinds of gadget, there is the distraction and there is the tool. The tool is something that an entrepreneur can use during his or her business day. It is something that he or she can work without, but that in some way helps him or her in a business setting. This sort of thing can be a number of things, and its usefulness is dictated by what the entrepreneur does during his or her work day.

Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

For example, a self warming cup holder in a car may seem like a needless expense for some people. But, for the entrepreneur who spends 80% of his/her life in a car with the loudspeaker on his/her phone, the warming cup holder is a lifesaver. It means that this entrepreneur gets more than one scorching hot sip and the beginning and a cold drink thirty minute later when the client hangs up the phone.

The distraction gadget is truly a waste of money, but it give the entrepreneur a few moments of joy in an otherwise work filled day. We may all be grownups, but we all like toys of some sort. Guns, hair straighteners and fancy cars are all toys we enjoy for the same reason that we enjoyed Lego and squirt guns as a child. The distraction gadgets are worth as much as the smile they put on your face.

1. A Voice Activated Phone

This is a fantastic gadget for an entrepreneur because it means the user may use a phone whilst driving and not break the law. An entrepreneur can put this device in his or her car as he/she drives. If he/she wishes to make a call, then he/she asks the phone to call the person in the phone book, and then tells the phone to put the loudspeaker on. The user may even dictate and save messages on the phone as he or she drives.

2. A Portable Digital Projector with Speakers

This is a fantastic device because it is both powerful and small. The good ones are expensive, but do provide a very good projected picture. You do not even need a projector screen, as the colors and quality will project just as well onto a white wall or other light colored surface.

The fact that it comes with speakers means that you do not have to narrate your projected movies, slideshows or PowerPoint presentations. It means that you can create far more sophisticated and powerful presentations. Plus, it is great fun watching a movie with the device, as it is a little bit like being at the cinema.

3. A Rep Smart Phone Kit and Case

This is a set of smart phone gadgets that a lot of representatives use. You can make up your own kit, or you can buy one as a sales package of goods. The kit includes a spare charger and a spare battery. It involves a number of multi-plugs that allows you to charge your phone in different countries and one for charging your phone in your car. It comes with a headset with a microphone, and comes with a credit card swiper for those quick business transactions. The case should be a lockable one.

4. A Professional DSLR Camera

Every entrepreneur needs a good camera to take photos at events. A good DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) one is going to provide the entrepreneur with all the functions he or she needs.

5. A Morphy Richards One Cup Kettle

This is a great little device. You pour a cup of hot water in the top, put the cup underneath, press the button, and within thirty seconds the water is boiled and the hot drink is ready.

6. A HD Webcam and Professional Background Setting

This is great for having meetings online. The professional backdrop is also a great little facade to fool the people on the other end. It is all part of the typical camera based illusion. It is the same illusion that leads people to question whether the newsreaders have pants on underneath the desk.

7. A Wireless Headset System

This is great for everything from using on the laptop or PC, to using for phone calls or on a tablet device. The wireless headset will even allow the user to use voice activation with consummate ease. There are hundreds of benefits to this gadget, with the only downside being that you either have to charge the headset or change the batteries.

These all are the 7 gadgets that a businessman should have with him.

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4 responses to “7 Must-Have Business Gadgets for Entrepreneurs”

  1. Raboken Avatar

    Nice article on an uncommon topic but I really enjoyed your list Atul. Among those I love to have Morphy Richards One Cup Kettle, it sounds nice & fun to me. Other than this I think a business phone with kit, a DSLR camera and a good wireless headset is must. But you might have missed a good external harddrive ( Min 1TB), a good laptop with good configurations, a printer-scanner and/or a branded tablet. These are the minimum requirements if you want to do your business seriously and efficiently. Thanks buddy thanks for sharing.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      So much welcome to you for reading and enjoying the article. But you are talking about the configurations of the gadgets, where I am focusing lights on the gadgets which a businessman or businesswoman should have with him or her. But thanks for reading the stuff, I promise you that in future I will provide more better information than this.

  2. Raboken Avatar

    Thanks for your prompt response and I am sure that in near future you will share some more interesting stories regarding businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and their requirements. Best of luck and looking forward to read your new postings.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Welcome again Raboken to give a time to comment here. You can also subscribe us for quick response over new updates by email and feed which you prefer most… 🙂

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