4 Common Traps Most Businesses Fall Into

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Entrepreneurs are an interesting bunch. After all, who else has that strong optimism to launch a business in an already competitive market? Starting entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are more so. For start-ups, there’s only little to no room for errors, as they are too often short on resources and time.

Business Traps

Although this is a common scenario, most successful entrepreneurs today know that start-up failures are an inevitable phase that all businessmen will likely go through in their careers. If you haven’t had any struggles with your business yet, congratulations! However, you just might need to prepare for these four common mistakes most people make in their business.

Being too Quick to Hire

Hiring employees that are in it for the long haul is a daunting task that most CEOs struggle with. This speaks more to start-up founders, who tend to hire employees too quickly just to form their team at the earliest time possible. Since they can’t afford a decent pay for their employees, these businesses attract people who are just looking for any job that pays with little idea about the nature of the company. To make the hiring process a lot more productive, employers may conduct a drug test or take a marijuana urine test to get to know their new hires first.

Choosing the Wrong Team

Aside from hiring too quickly, another common — and costly — mistake most entrepreneurs make is putting together the wrong team, especially when they have varied skill sets. According to Bill Aulet, author and Martin Trust Center Managing Director, doing so will not only waste income but also deplete morale. It is important for a team to share common values despite their individual differences, as this will help them and your company in times of rough situations. To ensure a healthy camaraderie within your workforce, you can perform a marijuana testing as a standard qualification before hiring.

Veering Away from the Goal

Launching a start-up may seem to result from a fit of passion, but this drive could slowly fade when push comes to shove. A lot of starting businesses tend to get distracted by other opportunities that seem more promising at the moment. Such distractions lose their focus and initial drive for their core business. According to Under30CEO co-founder Matt Wilson, setting a way to make money and sticking to it is an important lesson that budding businesses should learn early on.

Not Having a Website

Believe it or not, almost half of all small businesses in America don’t own a website. In today’s technology-driven world, that’s missing out on a whole lot for your business, even if it’s a local one. In fact, 97% of consumers rely on online resources when looking for products and services — and when they don’t see your business on the web, you’re most likely nonexistent to potential customers. With the myriad of tech opportunities available these days, building a website should be a simple feat.

To say that mistakes are inevitable is not to discourage start-up entrepreneurs to back down at amazing opportunities up ahead. Instead, it’s to encourage them to learn from these mistakes and to rise up with more valuable experience up their sleeves.

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