Getting Ready for Your University Interview

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Going to your first couple of university interviews is quite enerving and exciting at the same time. Most people don’t know what to expect, so they just go with the flow and leave it to whatever happens.

But, that’s no way to ace your application process. In fact, you want to do the exact opposite of that and be proactive before and during your interview.

University Interview
University Interview

With that said, let’s go over a couple of important things that can help you better understand the interview process and eventually to get accepted in your university of choice. So, let’s get to the first point in the article.

And it All Starts with Remembering to Be Professional

Like it or not, your university interview will require you to be professional. So make sure you bring your top game that day.

Get yourself a suit, switch the jeans to pants and maybe don’t go full color, instead choose something more muted. Most universities are established institutions for hundreds of years, so you have to stay professional.

If you need more help on how to act during your university interview, maybe it’s best to consult with a professional on the topic. Check out the Going Ivy website for more information on the topic.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

A university interview is like screening for applicants, so make sure you’re ready to answer questions.

Get ready to answer questions about your school, yourself, university and the course of your choice, if you’ve done a gap year and why, and most importantly what are your aspirations. If you’re bad at interviews, ask someone you know to ask you similar questions and do it a couple of times.

After all, practice makes perfect, and if you’ve put enough work into it, you’ll ace your university interview.

So Make Sure You Research Your University and its Interview Process

You can’t just answer questions on top of your head. Make sure you thoroughly research your university, its history and the major you’re applying for.

Start looking at forums, and ideally get talking with someone who’s been recently through an interview at that same university.

There’s plenty of information out there, and most universities don’t really change their interviewing process, just make slight adjustments.

But Don’t Forget That You’re Interviewing the University as Well

It’s a two-way process. Universities should interview you as much as you interview them. During the process make sure you’re asking questions yourself.

That’s where researching your university can help you with asking the right question yourself in order to get the most information you need for you to make your choice.

Remember that the university interview always goes both ways. As much as you’d have to impress them, they should too. And they know that. Most universities would like you to accept their offer, so they’d only make on to people who’ve asked the right questions themselves.

While researching the interview process of your university of choice, make sure to see if the interviewers appreciate it when you are asking questions during the interview process. Most importantly, don’t forget to be yourself. Universities aren’t looking for people with robot-like answers, but instead to people who’re comfortable with being themselves.

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