Look Stylish and Stay Fresh with These 5 Trending Gadgets

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In this modern world, it is the desire of each and every individual to look stylish and feels good; thanks to the technology for making it possible. You do not need to put a lot of makeup to look elegant or dress in designer clothes to feel great. The gadgets that you use every day can contribute to your amazing look. You should, therefore, check out for these trending gadgets that will contribute to your desired look.

Trending Gadgets

1. Panasonic Mirror

This is a cool and a very interactive model of a mirror. You do not need to carry it around with you, but you can access and use it if you cannot afford one. It is digitally made such that when you look at yourself, you see the different appearances of your face in makeups. This mirror has the ability to detect your skin characteristics or conditions and give you a suggestion on how to improve it. Its features include the magnifier, vital statistics check, and back view. When using this mirror, you will be assured of every detail of your body appearance. The interesting thing with this mirror technology is its ability to give you recommendations. Unlike the normal mirrors we use to check our appearances, this mirror can magnify your appearance, detect a mistake and even make it possible for you to see your behind without struggle.

2. Stick PC

A stick PC is a single board computer in a small enclosed casing that appears like a stick. It is portable and functions like any other computer. It has an HDMI video port and an independent CPU. The most amazing stick PC is the Vivo stick PC. When connected to a TV or monitor with an HDMI it turns it to a fully functioned Windows 10 PC. This can be controlled remotely from any Smartphone. No need to worry about the color of a bag to use when carrying it; unlike a laptop, you will always be comfy with this gadget as it can fit well in your pocket. You can, therefore, dress in any manner you want and carry this PC in your hand. It does not limit you when it comes to carrying a bag that might ruin your appearance.

3. Hug Smart Watches

If you consider looking stylish in watches around your wrist, look for this smart watch. As the name suggests, ‘smart,’ meaning they are elegant in different ways. These watches have the array of sensors inside them. They use gestures to monitor and control things. By moving your wrist, you can play video games, drones or other events. This kind of watches have sensors such as the gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. The smart watch is special in that it uses single-use commands to advance or stop a video playback or even switching on lights. The most amazing thing about this watch is that, you can program a unique distress gesture which when used, automatically brings an emergency call on your mobile phone. The LCD background on it makes it look more attractive on your hand.

4. Glow in the Dark Smartphone

With the trending, new mobile phones, physical features, different sizes, and colors can actually give you a stylish look. A good example is a phone that glows in the dark. This gadget is designed with the front and back frame that absorbs light during the day and glow at night or in the dark. This feature may not be very useful, but it is pretty and stylish. Another trendy thing with the phone is a use of different back covers. The diverse colors can compliment your clothing and other jewelry that you are wearing. This makes you feel great and looks cool.

5. Wearable Technology

This refers to accessories or clothing’s which are fitted with electronic technologies. These wearable are embedded with sensors, software or other advanced technologies depending on its usage. There is usually a high connectivity which enables these devices to give or exchange data and information with other devices connected or with the operator. Wearable technology can be either for personal or business usage. Also, they are used as communication gadgets, navigation tools, and sports tracker or as the fashion statement. These wearables have different prototypes. For example; fashion company makes costumes for musicians featuring LED lighting so as to emit the variety of colors during the stage performance. Another prototype is the Bluetooth technology in cocktail dresses which light when a call is received. This technology can make you look stunning especially during the events performance.


The change in technology is bringing about a positive impact to the people. The use of such gadget is making life easier and more comfortable for individuals. With the need for people to look stylish, beautiful and unique in their daily routine, the use of such gadget is fulfilling their quest.

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