How to Increase Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

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Batteries always were our friend when there is now power with us either at home or outside. Ensuring that maximum people are using Lithium ion batteries for their gadgets, people need maximum usages from the battery. So how to increase the life of Lithium ion batteries which can increase your gadget’s life for some more time.

Battery Status

Ensure Accurate Display of Battery Life

The myth is widely spread that a battery lasts longer after several charges. Only the accuracy of the display improves because the device and the battery must be coordinated with each other. In this calibration, the system misses out on the energy and calibrates the battery display, if it is not calibrated, then for instance, it may shows an empty battery although the device can still last a couple of hours.

This is how calibration works ideally. Charge the battery completely and then plug it again only when it almost empty. Do not completely drain your battery while doing this. As a habit, calibrate the system once a month only.

Which Batteries You Must Discharge Completely and Which You Mustn’t

Nickel batteries have the so called memory effect in which the battery drains most quickly when it is not completely discharged. For Lithium ion batteries it’s the exact opposite, completely draining a battery damages it. In simple case, it losses about 20% energy and in the worst case, it becomes completely unusable. Shut down device at the right time despite energy reserves.
Charge will empty full batteries

After charging smart phones, the battery display quickly sinks to 90% life. This is the battery management’s fault and not the battery’s. If a Lithium ion battery is completely charged it would be susceptible to damage. It is true that the life would reduce when a fully charged battery continues to receive current. Therefore, a modern battery manager empties the battery by a few percent as soon as it is full. The system shows 100% charged after being unplugged so that the user has the feeling that the battery is charged completely, but just 5 minutes later it shows the right status, mostly around 95% life.

Bump-up Charge the Battery to 115% Level

A battery charged up to 100% can be charged further by 10 to 15% via bump charging. The trick is so simple, just switch off the phone and charge it fully. Remove the charger immediately and plug it again. When you repeat this process a couple of times the charge is increases. We strongly advise you against this technique because it can damages the cells and the battery’s performance reduced.

The Difference Between Charging and Charging Cycles

The shelf life of the battery is given in charge cycles, about 1000 times. But that does not mean that you can charge your batteries only 1000 times, because a charge not a full cycle. When you charge a mobile phone twice after reaching 50% capacity, those are two processes but one charging cycle.

Increase Battery Life by Storing it in a Cool Place

When Lithium ion batteries lie unused it life span shortens. Someone who wants to prevent this should store the battery at about 15 degree Celsius and at a charging status of about 40%. The battery needs to be charged occasionally even though it is completely drained. Storing batteries in cool place doesn’t mean that you store batteries in refrigerator, you have to keep batteries at normal room temperature.

This tips and knowledge is good for every user and user must aware about such things in regards to usages of battery and battery related issues.

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