How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

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If you deactivate your account from Facebook it is just temporary hide your timeline only, it does not delete your account from there database. If you log in again to Facebook it will again restore your all information where you left it. Deactivation is temporary but deletion is for permanent.

Once you delete your account from Facebook then you can not access your profile again at any cost. People quit or delete their Facebook account in some emergence only and there is no solid reason for this why people want to delete their account from Facebook social media. Here is how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

Delete Facebook Account
Delete Facebook Account

First Try Deactivation (Temporary Only)

If you are not sure that in future would you needed to be use Facebook or not then try a deactivation which will ensure that until you do not want to come again on Facebook your entire history or database you have created is stored safe within their private servers and also your activities is hidden from the timeline. To again reactivate just log in to your Facebook account once then Facebook will restore your all history or database of you. To deactivate your Facebook accounts follow the steps.

Go to Account Settings » Security » Click on Deactivate Your Account

Provide the reason why you are deactivating your account and confirm that it is required for you. If might also verify with several verification methods just provide reasons and details according to that.

Permanently Delete Account from Facebook

If you have decided that you do not want to come again on Facebook for lifetime then you can also delete your Facebook account permanently and delete your whole history or database also.

  • First log in to your account and visit the account deletion page (Click Here). You will be noticed that this is a permanent deletion of your Facebook account. Click on Delete My Account.
  • In next windows it will ask you your password and verification captcha code just fill it according to them. Again click on OK.
  • You are just completed the deletion request. Do not log in to your facebook account for next 14 Days and you are done your facebook account will be removed from their database.

You now have to be relaxed that you are now away from facebook.

Some Warnings and Notice for You

Bear in mind that after a successful deletion (About 2 Weeks After) of your Facebook account there will be no option given to regain the account data at any cost. However Facebook provides 14 Days grace period to restore your account in case if your mind change to restore back it again.

All above are the ways to delete your account from Facebook permanently.

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