How to Avoid Costly Dental Problems?

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Dental problems are one of the most common and costly unexpected emergencies out there. It’s no secret that even with insurance a trip to the dentist for something other than cleaning is going to hit your bank account.

Many people simply don’t have the funds and end up charging it on a credit card, which just ends up piling on interest and resulting in a bad credit score.

Instead of taking your chances and putting forth the minimum effort for your teeth and shrugging it off as a “maybe” expense, see it as a top priority to maintain the best possible health for your mouth. Studies show that people with poor dental habits are more susceptible to disease and cancer.

Follow these simple tips for keeping your teeth in the best shape possible and avoid a trip to the dentist that could set you back thousands!

Floss Everyday

Some say that flossing might even be more important than brushing.  Brushing with a toothbrush is simply not enough to clean out all the debris left in our mouths from food.

People with teeth very close together are especially susceptible to decay between the teeth if not flossing regularly.

Buy a waxed floss that glides easily through the crevices of your teeth in an up and down motion rather back and forth “sawing” away at the gums.

Don’t Chew Hard Candy

Chewing hard candy is one of the top reported ways that people break teeth.  These delicious and devilish little treats can also cause serious damage in the forms of cavities.

If left untreated, a cavity makes its way down to the root of the tooth, destroying the tooth from the base and essentially killing it.  When this happens a person has to get a root canal which is a painful and very expensive procedure.

When you think about it no candy is good enough to be worth a procedure worth thousands and a numb swollen mouth with drills coming at you in stereo.

Use an Electric Toothbrush

Using an electric toothbrush is a great way to ensure you are properly cleaning all the plaque out of your mouth.  A manual toothbrush can be just as effective if used properly but the truth is most people aren’t doing it properly.

Small tiny circles in an up and down motion are the best way to eliminate food and bacteria from your mouth and doing the least amount of damage to your sensitive gums.

Electric toothbrushes were once a luxury, costing hundreds of dollars. Nowadays, however, it’s possible to find electric toothbrushes for under $30. Do some price shopping online and decide which brand is the best choice for you.

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