Exercise and Weight Loss

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Walking around with a lot of unhealthy weight is not only uncomfortable but can also cause damage to the body. According to research done by the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention, CDC, incidences of obesity have been on the rise in America in the past few years.

As of 9 years ago, about a third of America’s population is obese because documented BMI averaged 30 and higher. It is widely known that obesity can cause other health issues including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.


One way to control the calories you consume is to watch your diet. You could also try to burn extra calories through exercise.

Benefits of Exercise

A healthy diet and the right amount of exercise can help you lose a lot of weight as opposed to solely relying on calorie restriction. Exercise is known to prevent the effects of some common lifestyle health complications. Exercise also lowers body cholesterol, blood sugar and can prevent the risk of a heart attack.

In addition, exercising regularly will lower your risk of some types of cancer like breast and colon cancer. Exercising frequently will raise your confidence levels and your overall wellbeing. When you make exercise part of your weekly routine, you stand a higher chance of losing and keeping your weight down.

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How Much Exercise Do You Need?

To get all the benefit that comes with exercising, it is advisable that you include aerobic activities in your schedule three times each week. Each activity should last at least 20 minutes. Longer would be better if you are looking to lose weight.

When you include other activities such as walking for a mile daily, you are likely to burn at least 100 calories. Burning more than 700 calories each week is equivalent to losing more than 10 pounds over a period of one year.

Working Out Your Target Heart Rate

To derive maximum benefit from your exercise regime, you should incorporate a few high-intensity activities. If you want to find out how hard you are working your body, check your pulse rate. The easiest way to work out your heart rate is to find the difference between your age and 220 then find 0.6 to 0.8 of the sum.

Speak with your trainer to help you figure out the right level of intensity for your body. If you have special health issues like heart problem or diabetes, consult your physician before embarking on an intense workout.

Examples of Exercises for Weight Loss

The kind of workout you chose to help you lose weight is not that important. The important thing is whether you do it or not. For that reason, experts prescribe that you choose an activity you will enjoy doing.


It does not matter which activity you choose, it has to include some kind of cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. They are important because they raise your pulse rate and your blood pumps better. Aerobic activities could include jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, or dancing.

Alternatively, you could just work out on an elliptical, treadmill or a stair stepper.

Weight Training

The advantage of weight training is that, other than losing body fat, your body generates muscles. Building muscles causes your metabolic rate to rise, which in turn burns more body fat. Ensure you work major muscles at least thrice a week.


Although yoga does not have the same level of intensity as other types of workout, it is just as effective when it comes to weight loss according to research by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research center. This research established that those who practice some yoga are much more mindful of what they consume and less likely to become overweight.

Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

The level of physical activity in your daily schedule is much more important than whether you squeeze everything in one schedule. For that reason, even a small change in your exercise can make a big difference to your body weight.

Healthy habits that you should consider include;

  • Riding or walking to your workplace or when running errands
  • Taking stair rather than using the elevator
  • Parking a considerable distance from your destination and walking the rest of the way

Final Word

When you begin working out, pay attention to what your body is communicating. Push your body to improve your level of fitness. However, do not push your body too far, as that might cause you harm. Plus, do not continue exercising in case you start feeling pain.

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