6 Crucial Tips for a Successful Fundraising Event

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Non-profits know how important fundraising events are. They help you collect the money your organization needs. And, just as important, they let you connect with donors and members of the community.

Fundraising events might be important, but they’re also stressful. If you’ve ever thrown one, you know how much planning and coordinating it takes. If it’s your first time, you’re probably already overwhelmed. There are a million factors you have to consider.


Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are six tips that will help you throw a successful fundraising event.

1. Establish Your Budget

The purpose of your event is to raise money. So, you’re going to cut costs wherever you can. This includes finding sponsors to donate food, venue space, etc.

But, no matter how many sponsors you land, you’re probably going to have to spend a little money. Create a budget to keep your costs in check. You’ll know how much you have to pay and ensure you don’t lose money on the event.

2. Establish a Goal

You’re putting a lot of time into your fundraiser. It’s only natural that you want it to serve many purposes.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Take this opportunity to build your email list, promote your social media handles, etc.

The most important thing is to be sure to establish one clear goal. This will usually be a monetary value for your cause. How much are you trying to raise, and what is the money going to? Having a clear goal will ensure guests understand why they’re there.

3. Plan Your Event

In most cases, fundraisers shouldn’t be informal gatherings. Your event should include some show or activity that encourages donations.

Preferably, your event should relate to the cause you’re supporting. This will keep guests engaged and interested in your cause.

For instance, if you are a health organization, a 5K race would be a fantastic event. Similarly, a silent auction would be appropriate for a nonprofit that supports art programs in local schools.

4. Promote Your Event

Your event won’t be successful if no one shows up. So, be sure to do plenty of promoting! Here are some of the best tips for marketing your fundraiser.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Build buzz about your event! Start marketing a few weeks before to give people time to plan and get excited.
  • Use your email list. Spread the word via your email list! Subscribers are people interested in your cause and among those most likely to attend. 
  • Use social media. Social media is a great way to reach both supporters and those who aren’t familiar with your organization.

5. Recognize Donors

Too many non-profits make the mistake of not recognizing donors.

Recognizing donors lets you thank the people who support your cause. It also encourages them to keep donating and for others to become donors.

Recognize donors by:

  • Using video donor recognition walls
  • Giving small gift bags
  • Sending thank-you letters or videos
  • Shouting them out on social media

Reach Out to Your Supporters

Your supporters are what will make or break your event. Reach out to them to not only attend but also invite their friends and family.

And, most likely, your supporters will be willing to volunteer at your event. This will help cut costs and get them involved. They may even have special skills that will be especially helpful (marketing, financing, event coordinating, etc.).

When planning your next fundraiser, be sure to use these tips. Your event will not only be fun but also raise lots of money for your cause!

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