Kreditkort — How does it work, and what are its benefits?

Credit Card

A credit card is a thin piece of plastic that is issued to users and used for making payments. Users of credit cards are typically referred to as cardholders. Having one enables them to pay for goods as well as services that they get from different merchants and businesses. Often the card issuer is a … Read more

6 Crucial Tips for a Successful Fundraising Event


Non-profits know how important fundraising events are. They help you collect the money your organization needs. And, just as important, they let you connect with donors and members of the community. Fundraising events might be important, but they’re also stressful. If you’ve ever thrown one, you know how much planning and coordinating it takes. If … Read more

Why PNB Housing Finance is the Best Investment Option for 2020?

PNB Housing Finance

The selection of an investment tool to park your surplus funds needs detailed information about the available options and their pros and cons. Since the last few decades, many NBFCs have entered the market with lucrative offers for investment. Some of them offer a better rate of interest as compared to bank rates and have … Read more

What is the Process of Debt Relief?

Debt Relief

There are many reasons why individuals and households find themselves in a non-viable financial situation. Perhaps you have made poor economic decisions in the past, or perhaps you have had some bad luck when it comes to your investments. You may have even lost your job and are now struggling to repay your debts without … Read more

Tips to Help You Financially Prepare for a Sabbatical from Work

Financially Prepare

Taking a sabbatical from work is more common than you may think. There can be several reasons why a person chooses to take a sabbatical from work, ranging from pursuing higher studies to engage in humanitarian works and from health-based reasons to starting a business. However, it is crucial that you plan your sabbatical financially … Read more