6 Actionable Techniques to Improve Traffic on Your Blog

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Over 77% of internet users read blogs regularly which is a huge number that can be converted into engagement for your business.

But one of the biggest challenges that most bloggers face is getting consistent traffic to their blog.

Even the content that connects with the audience and contains the right keywords can fail if the right content promotion strategies are not in place.


Here are 6 actionable techniques to improve traffic on your blog:

Write about trending and relevant topics

You may feel the urge to write about anything under the horizon that interests you but think for a minute. Will the post attract viewers? Will these posts have long shelf lives?


Rather than a random rant, focus on publishing topics that are trending and useful to the users. A short spike in traffic won’t do you any good long term.

Similarly, focusing on relevant topics helps build trust in the audience and acquires a niche clientele for your blog. Quality caliber is taken very seriously and can even result in positive word of mouth. The better your work, the happier your audience.

Publish guest posts

Guest posting or blogging is basically publishing original and meaningful content on someone else’s website as a guest blogger.

This is a great way of building long lasting relationships with consumers who want to hear more from an expert in their niche and build trust in the authenticity of your brand.

As a guest blogger, you can place inbound links in your post to your own website to increase traffic on your own blog. Take advantage of guest blogging to give the readers another chance to view your content as an outreach project for your SEO strategy.

Leave comments on similar blogs

Leaving comments on a blog to interact with a specific blog’s audience and exchanging opinions related to a blog post is Blog Commenting. This gives a great opportunity to increase traffic on your blog by adding backlink to prove your credibility on the subject. This is known as Link building and blog commenting is a great way to accumulate links as a trust vote.

If you are engaging with trustworthy and high authority websites in blog commenting, they can ensure you are bringing organic traffic to your website if your comments are engaging and relevant.

Focus on Blog’s SEO

Have a clearly outlined strategy so that you rank highly in search engines. Focusing on SEO will keep the momentum going for your blogs and help in finding customers in your niche.


Analysing content on your blogs and honing it can bring in fresh viewers which can be converted into long term engagement. Nurture relationships with them over the long term to invest them in your journey.

Create infographics

Writing long, brooding paragraphs doesn’t look attractive. To make your content more appealing, try creating relatable infographics to depict your research or data. 56% of businesses use infographics and 84% of them find it a useful tool for SEO.

Easy to comprehend, infographics instantly hook in the viewer and improve information retention. These shareable, well-defined images can bring in loads of new traffic for your blog.

Share your content on Reddit

Currently, Reddit has more than 430 million monthly active users. It is a huge community for businesses to drive relevant and engaging traffic on their blogs.

A word of caution here as Reddit is heavily anti self-promotion which can result in your blog being severely downvoted. Try to be an engaging contributor in relevant communities and after winning the trust of the members, use that as a point to market your blog to prove your authenticity in the subject. Take your time and you can easily conquer this huge consumer market.

Using the above mentioned 6 strategies, you can capitalise on the initial phase of viewers on your blog. Discarding strategies that do not work quickly will also help you focus on things that need to be improved. Make use of the referral traffic to redirect them to your sales landing or client acquisition website pages. Keep a track of these outreach records. Blog publishing is just the first step in a long journey.

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  1. Ajay Avatar

    Implementing these techniques consistently and monitoring their effectiveness over time can help you attract more visitors to your blog and grow your audience

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