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LinkedIn is the place of business class professional people and job seekers. If your blog frequently blogs about business more and related to business then LinkedIn is miracle for you to generate terrific amount of traffic from LinkedIn account only. People will sure read you if you write better for them. LinkedIn has more power than other social networking websites to create free traffic, because already people are already targeted here. Let’s see how to plan and create ideas for generating free traffic from LinkedIn.


Have a look what business bloggers doing with LinkedIn for free traffic. Before going ahead create a LinkedIn account which is free with limited facilities, and invite some people there or expand your connection first. The bigger much connection will help you in driving you from tremendous amount of free web traffic.

1. Create Good Business Topic

LinkedIn is full of business and related to business class people, so the post should be for them only. Write more on their side about business tips, business news, financial ideas and money based post. This will not only help you to attract readers from LinkedIn but also your reputation and blog name also go out of bed. But be genuine here never copy others who is blogging in same field.

2. Write Everything from Scratch to End

In business everyone wants complete information, not the broken one. So study well about the topic and write everything from scratch to end. If you want to include personal ideas then put it.

3. Include Solutions of Problems

Business is risky thing as a result it is full of problems, so you can try to solve their business problems here and give better suggestions according to your knowledge. Some time idea of other people works rather than person of same field. For this you need a tremendous mind to think beyond the business.

4. Share them on LinkedIn

Finally when you are ready, share them on LinkedIn and begin the game. Keep in mind that the bigger connection will help you to get bigger traffic. Therefore create good friends and be connected with as much as people you can, because your single share is not limited to your connection only it spread all over your friend’s connection also.

Get some best sharing plugins for your WordPress blog, must read this also.

5. Let’s Your Connection Enjoy it

Let’s your reader enjoy the articles, let’s them share your post in their desired social channel including LinkedIn. Be ready with best and complete social share widgets which will multiply your existing reader with tremendous traffic.

These are the ways you can generate free traffic from LinkedIn for your business blogs and related to business sites. I hope you will sure try this with your business blog also.

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2 responses to “Generate Free Traffic Using LinkedIn for Your Business Blog”

  1. simon joy Avatar
    simon joy

    All the social media is a good way to get traffic to website. But i didn’t utilize the LinkedIn for traffic. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks for reading the post, generally people failed here in generating traffic from LinkedIn because blogging geeks try to attack dynamic people from there. As we all know that in LinkedIn only business and business related people involve themselves most. Thus our first job is to provide business related content for them, and then trying to attack them. I hope you like this post very much.

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