Top 10 Methods to Get Referral Traffic

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In the marketing strategy of website, the one of the most effective method of generating quality traffic is referral traffic which is created with the help of link building and promotion. Here are top 10 best methods to get referral traffic that will help you to drive huge quality traffic to your website.

Get Referral Traffic from Different Networks

1. Comment on Popular Blogs and Active Forums

The one of the easiest method of building referral links to your site is comments. Commenting on others blogs and using your website link on website section helps you to get free referral traffic from those blogs where you made your comments. It really works great if you do it in much better and effective way. But never be foolish to misuse this benefit. For better results make comments of CommentLuv enabled blogs which helps you to build do-follow links to your web pages.

Just like blogs; commenting on forums and making use of your links over there is also effective method to point referral traffic to your website. The advantage of this would be that you will get those visitors which really need the answer and come to your website.

2. Give Your Suggestions on Question Answer Sites

Just like blogs and forums, websites like and is great source of making real referral traffic. Thousands of questions are asked here on every category and you can become helper for them via choosing best of category where you have great knowledge. Some time you can refer your blog URL too to explain things in detail.

3. Do Guest Blogging on Quality Sites

Guest blogging is one of the oldest and working methods of getting referral traffic. But it takes a lot of time and required professional writing skills with good network or relation with bloggers.

4. Submit Your Site to Popular Directories

There are hundreds of site directories where you can submit your website link and in return you will get referral traffic if you searched there.

5. Make Use of Presentation

Presentation is an effective method of spreading out information and SlideShare is one of the most used and popular website to make presentations and use it to your website. You can also put your website links as referral link so that for more information you can redirect them to your site.

Do best practices with presentation to get most out of it.

6. Make Videos and Publish Them

Video blogging is growing these days, people love video tutorials more rather than simple text based tutorials. Thus you can upload your own videos on video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo and get quality referral traffic from these video sharing websites.

While publishing videos don’t forget to mention your website and links in video and in description.

7. Build Solid Email Newsletters List

The most neglected part is email marketing in web traffic challenge; because it is covering about 14% of market share. But this really works like a magic when you have good list of people subscribed you. The no other best method of generating referral traffic than email newsletters because you have complete control over this and there is no limit how many users can subscribe you.

FeedBurner and MailChimp are best and free email newsletter solution.

8. Promote Your Website via Banner Ads

Banner ads and advertisement is best solution to get referral traffic to your site; as it cost you it would be little expensive. For better deal you can advertise your site on Google AdWords and BuySellAds which are cheaper as well as create quality referral traffic.

9. Make Use of Social Networking Sites

The best part you like to do, making use of social networking sites. The bigger network the bigger traffic you will receive this is the thumbnail rule of social media. Be active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you are already on these networks then spread your coverage to LinkedIn and StumbleUpon too which is also a great source of getting referral traffic fro free.

10. Make Use of Social Bookmarking Sites

Last but not the least is Social Bookmarking sites. 99% of people neglect this due to less coverage here and no interest here. But in reality this is the place where you can drive thousands of quality and targeted referral traffic to your site. Reddit and Delicious is most popular social bookmarking website for now where you can start a new journey of getting referral traffic.

Sum up above, these all are the best methods and sources of getting referral traffic to your website.

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15 responses to “Top 10 Methods to Get Referral Traffic”

  1. kamal singh Avatar
    kamal singh

    Nice Tips,But I want to know is referral Traffic is good for blog or not , If all traffic come from one site than google may penalized our blog. Don’t know exactly whether it harms our blog or not?

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hi Kamal Singh, first of all thanks for making a comment here. Yes referral traffic is good for your site if you generate it from good sources and methods as described above. Comments, forums, interlinking pages, email newsletters and social links are good methods of getting referral traffic. It is good to have if Search Engine traffic is low and it never harm your site in any way; just keep one thing in mind that never do a spam or get linked with spam.

      1. kamal singh Avatar
        kamal singh

        Thanks Atul

  2. Hari Charan Avatar
    Hari Charan

    Nice information Atul, Staying active in social network is the best part,specially Google+ as webmasters get an fair advantage over the blogs inactive in Google +

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Hari Charan for your comment. I appreciate you for reading our stuff. I hope you got most out from here.

  3. Charmin Patel Avatar
    Charmin Patel

    Really great post written.But you have just mention which are the best directories and which wp plugins we can use for feed burner subscription.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes brother, I am in search for good directories and best plugins for WordPress. Once I got it, I will publish another post here, Thanks for your comment.

  4. asamadessani Avatar

    Wow Bro Really Nice Post You Are Doing Great Keep It Up Man 😀

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Samad for your feedback. I am sure that you got so many new ideas here.

  5. Sudip Avatar

    Some good points are enlisted here. I just wanted to know something. Is guest blogging still profitable or not?

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hi Sudip, First of all thanks for asking a great question.

      My answer would be still guest blogging is profitable under some conditions. Guest blogging for valuable content is worth till now and will be in future too.

      But do not spam links under guest posting, like you do guest blog for linking keywords links, as many of guest bloggers are linking keywords which is penalized by Google Search Engine team.

      So do not worry about profitability of guest blogging it is profitable for now and it will be in future too.

  6. Shaiya Ong Avatar
    Shaiya Ong

    Yep! This is most certainly helpful. Most of it we have done and it really works. However, posting in forums is a tricky one.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes Shaiya, getting into forum is most recommended for referral traffic but yet hard to get in. That is my trying in it is worth it.

  7. Kevin Timothy Avatar
    Kevin Timothy


    When publishing your videos be sure to title them appropriately. It will be to your benefit if you title your video in the manner of someone would search for the info. The more keyphrases in the title the better, but the verbiage must flow naturally. Videos are great in that these types of sites are search engines in themselves.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes Kevin, titling the videos properly also is a good way to increase visibility of the videos. Thanks for sharing your idea. Keep visiting.

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