4 Quick & Easy Ways to Make a Video from Photos

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Looking to turn images into captivating videos? Not to worry, there are different ways of making videos from pictures and Music.

Transforming your photo to video will be a good way of sharing it with family and friends. This way, they will look their best as well. You can easily create videos from images on the computer or on an iPhone or Android.

Make a Video from Photos
Make a Video from Photos

The four quick and easy ways you can try out are as follows:

Use Google Photos for Making Videos from Images

Google Photos is one tool that can help you in creating a video from the images on your computer, Android, or iPhone. The steps that follow will help you understand the process.

Steps to be followed by computer users:

  • Get to Google Photos.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Choose Assistant and click on Movie.
  • Choose a good movie theme.
  • Click on Get Started
  • Choose the images you want to use.
  • Click on Done

Steps to be followed by Android users:

  • Get to Google Photos on your Android tablet or phone.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Choose Assistant right at the bottom.
  • Choose Movie right on top.
  • Pick the images for creating the movie.
  • Press Create at top-right.
  • Type in Play for watching the movie.
  • Choose Untitled for adding the title to the movie.

Steps to be followed by iPad and iPhone users:

  • Open Google Photos
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Choose Assistant and then move to Movie
  • Choose the images you want to use for creating a cool slideshow.
  • Click on Create and then press Save for saving the created video.

Hence, it can be rightly concluded that using Google Photos is one of the best ways of converting images into amazing videos.

Convert Images into Videos Online

Now, it is quite likely for you to wonder how this is possible. Well, this is possible because of the availability of online video converters. These tools can be of good use in transforming pictures into video content, provided you follow the process religiously. The steps go like this:

  • Visit an online video converter and choose the option that says Make a Video.
  • Get into your account.
  • You will find a plethora of templates offered by the online converter. Choose any template that you think will be able to narrate your story most attractively.
  • You will have to upload the images you want to use for making a video online.
  • Simply drag and drop the images for replacing simple content.
  • If you want to do some kind of editing, you have the option of doing so. For example, you can add a water effect to your video content or more color and texture. The choice is completely yours.
  • Last, preview the slideshow you have made and then save it.

This completes the process of converting photos into videos. Using an online converter is considered the easiest and the quickest way of transforming images into videos. And this is one of the main reasons why more and more amateurs in the field are making large scale use of this tool.

Use a Good Slideshow Maker for Making Videos from Photos

Since there are many slideshow makers available in the market, it can be difficult for you to choose the best one. But once you get hold of the right free slideshow maker, it will not take you much time or effort in making stunning videos from your photos.

The new users in this field can try out Windows Movie Maker, a simple and free video editing tool that can help you make amazing videos with pictures and music. The tool helps in adding filters, texts, and transitions to videos. And the videos thus created can also be shared with friends.

The steps you will have to follow when using a slideshow maker for converting pictures into videos are:

  • Downloading the slideshow maker and launching it on your device.
  • Import photos you would like to use for making a video. You will have to click on Import Media Files.
  • Drag and drop the images into the storyboard in the series you want them to appear in the fully completed video.
  • Adding transitions between the photos helps in creating a switch between two clips smoother. This makes the picture slideshow more impressive and good looking.
  • Click on Transition Mode for opening the transition library and then pick the video transition.
  • Add text to the video by clicking on the Text button and choosing the most suited text mode. You simply need to drag and drop it to the storyboard. Lastly, you will have to put in your own text and change the style and color.
  • Once the video editing is complete, it is time to add Music from the Media Library. Click on Import Media Files and import the right song for your content.
  • Next, save the video by choosing the preferred video format.

Using a slideshow maker is one good way of converting images into videos. Try it for sure!

Use Apple Photos Application

There is no need to use any converter or software for converting images into videos for the ones with Mac OS X on their computers. The Photos app can be used for the process. The steps are as follows:

Important pictures to Photos program. Choose the images you want to use in the video.

  • Go to File and click the Create Slideshow option.
  • Customize the slideshow name.
  • Drag images in the order you want them to appear in the window bottom.
  • Now click on the Themes button and choose any theme such as Vintage Prints.
  • Choose Music; click on the down arrow to get to Music Library, where you can pick any song of your choice.
  • Click on the Play option for playing the picture slideshow.
  • Now click on Export for exporting the video.

The best thing about the Photo app is that when you are playing the created video on a device, you can tap the screen for adjusting the video content, length, and Music easily.


So, it’s time for you to get going with the process of making videos from images. Just try the most suitable way of creating desired video content with pictures and Music.

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