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Are you looking for the best option to engage, educate and excite your viewers? Explainer Video helps you to create wonderful animated video typically short videos explaining the story of your product or service. Explainer Videos are created using the digital drawing, live action or hand drawing based on the particular concept. Using the Explainer videos, it is much easier to demonstrate or explain the concept efficiently. Short animated video is widely used for business advertisements that quickly explain about the brand, product or history about the company. From 2007, Explainer Videos gained more popularity among the public when a company called as Common Craft explained about its usage in the social media platform – Twitter.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are growing in popularity and consequently, an increasing number of businesses are adopting them as part of their content strategy. Explainer videos are suitable for the businesses to explain the hard-to-describe business concepts in much succinct and clear way. The Explainer videos are also used for educational purposes to explain the concepts to the students.

Why Corporate Use Explainer Video?

Most of the businesses have the difficulty of expressing their concepts to the potential customers. Explainer Videos helps everyone to easily comprehend the whole concept with interesting animation. With harnessing both auditory and visual senses, explainer videos automatically increases the retention rates with clarifying the proposition value in the most succinct manner. There are many creative and cost effective studios such as Spiel Videos that you can contact if you are considering producing a explainer video for your business.

Higher Google Rank

Normally, the website with the simple text or images would scare customers. Every corporate company likes to improve their business standard with reaching more potential customers across the world.  Google ranks a website based on the number of web traffic so when having attractive, and information video attached, you could get higher ranking in the Search Engine.

Increasing Conversion Rate

Having explainer video based on the landing page of a company is helpful for increasing the conversion rate from the page. When a third of viewers click to watch the video, then everyone could watch explainer video with attaining wide reach. Do you like to learn about the incredible fact of explainer video? According to a recent statistics, 85% of the people are more likely to choose a product or service upon seeing the explainer video.

How to Make the Corporate Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos automatically distill the complex and wide range of ideas into the viewer-friendly package. The process allows the user to get a better idea along with the products and service is the much more efficient way. Explainer videos perform an essential function for the brand.

Writing Killer Script

The script is the backbone of the Explainer video. The video summarizes the brand, service and product work. Animated video scripts explain the complete option for understanding. Keeping script informative and brief is quite hard. Making the creative brief helps to easily identify the audience. The main goal of an explainer video is to easily identify the audience and helpful for the takeaway. When the explainer video is about 30 seconds then you need to aim the word limit as 85 words. When the explainer video is a length of 60 seconds, then you need to make almost 160 words. Perfect balance of the script is most important.

Choosing Animation Style

Animation style explainer video is quite interesting to watch. Having the animation style with right tone is helpful for increasing more attraction from potential audience. Some of the animation styles used in the explainer video is

  • Doodle Marker style
  • Clean Graphics style
  • Infographic style
  • VideoBlocks

Record Voice-Over

Next step for the explainer video is to add the voiceover along with music track. Adding the quality voice over professional work would be a great option. Make sure script is read steady and clear.

So these are some of the reasons that makes corporates to make explainer videos.

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