Social Media Video Tips: Everything You Need To Know

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The importance of video in social media is immense. People are naturally more attracted to videos than texts or speech. A video clip is both entertaining and informing. It does not tire the viewer’s mind like the words or the words do. People tend to share more social media videos than texts, pictures or even audios.

There are many factors which make social media video strategies succeed.  For example, the content of the video, the choice of the words, the length and the personnel presenting the footage all contribute to the quality and success of the video.

Social Media Videos

The purpose of social media videos is to increase the sales of your brand. To expand the clientele base, you need to make your videos conducive to sharing as much as possible. A social share count is a useful marker of your success in video marketing.

To make a great video clip for your clients, you have first to know their needs. Every group of people has their preferences. Your strategy then must be bold enough to try and include everyone in your social media video strategies. Making a video which will cater for everyone needs is usually not possible. Furthermore, the majority of your viewers will access your videos through social sharing, and so a poorly done video will be seen by very few people. The purpose of this article is to let you know the best strategies you can employ to pass your information to the as many people as possible.

What Should You Consider Before Developing a Social Media Video?

It is essential you learn first the behavior of your audience before you start making the video. Their age, their gender, their religious beliefs, their social standing all these factors will enable you to create a unique and exciting video clip. When you know people’s subconscious needs and promise to help them, they will not have a choice but to view and share your videos.

The social media platform you chose to use will greatly determine the type of clients who will see your brand. Each social media network attracts people with different characters. Though you can find people on various social media platforms, like a mother who has a robust Twitter account at work but uses Facebook to chat with her friends after work, group members have similar preferences and tastes. A video which is perfect on Twitter will look awkward on Facebook.

Below are tips and strategies you can use in the following social media platforms so that you can increase your sales from the many clients you will get online.


More people are on Facebook than any other social media platform. Facebook boasts of hosting over 100 million video hours per day. Although many people do not watch the entire videos, you should aim to have your brand on Facebook videos. Recently, Facebook introduced Live 360 Video. You can utilize this tool to and make your brand be among the first to be promoted by these videos.

Facebook is very successful in text-based sharing. The fact that they are now investing in video sharing is a good incentive for you to join video marketing. You can make Facebook your preferred marketing platform especially if the majority of your existing clients are already on Facebook. People now prefer video clip explaining how a brand works than text and pictures despite how detailed they can be. Facebook Live 360 Video is proving to be the best fun-filled way to pass and share business information. You should not be left behind in this development.


Instagram is a fast growing social media platform. It attracts people who appear more formal than those found on Facebook. Many people on Instagram are there for business but not for idle socialisation. Instagram is, therefore, an ideal platform to market your brand if you do business with other enterprises. With over 600 million Instagrammers around the world and growing, you will always have people interested in your brand. You can sign in with Instagram Stories and Live Video to start sharing your videos. Recently, Instagram increased the length of the videos they accept from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. You can now post a more detailed video than before. Remember content is more important than the length especially in business-oriented platforms like Instagram.


Twitter from inception was meant to capture the attention of busy business people on the go. Such people need to exert information with as few words as possible. Put in mind that the ideal video for Twitter, the length is not as important as the content. You have to be clear and precise. Always remember your viewers are busy and they can switch you off immediately you become unhelpful. Though Twitter videos are only 30 seconds long, they usually have more information than you may find in a 5-minute favourite video.   Since 23% of all adults already have Twitter accounts, you can still find a good number of people interested in your brand. Remember to make your videos clear, to the point and short.


YouTube is the mother of all online videos. You must incorporate YouTube into your social marketing strategies so that you can be successful. With over a billion users worldwide, YouTube can be a great channel to make your brand is known even in places you never knew existed. In YouTube, you can upload an 11-hour long video. It is therefore ideal for you if your brand needs a lot of explanations for the clients.

The fundamental question you need to ask yourself is if video strategies you are about to engage in will improve your bottom line or not. Many successful businesses can attribute their success to video marketing. People tend to believe more in what they see than what they read or hear. Furthermore, a one minute video can pass more information than a two thousand words letter.

Whether you are targeting clients using Phones or PCs to access your social media videos, it is crucial first to research their specific needs so that you can promise to meet them in your videos. Your videos must be captivating to attract as many followers as possible. The above videos will aid you to grow your business as a result of social media video marketing strategies.

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