What Your Child Needs from You?

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Parenting is probably one of the most difficult tasks in the whole world and also a very big responsibility. But once a couple has children, their life turns completely upside down and babies bring more happiness into the lives of their parents than they could have imagined.

Still, it is not easy to be a parent. When babies are born, they demand a lot of care and attention and they cannot even be left alone for a single minute. They need lots of baby diapers, frequent changes, frequent feeding from the mother, and as much affection as possible.


Once the child grows up, their needs change but they still need love, care, and support from their parents and many people believe that it is very beneficial for a child to spend time with their grandparents as it brings to them a sense of comfort and grounds their emotions.

Many people believe that children are god sent. While they are not entirely wrong, one must also understand their needs and demands as they grow up so that they become healthy responsible adults who lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Every child is different and their specific needs would depend upon their particular behaviors and circumstances. Providing a child with nutrition and good education is not enough in the world today because this would not guarantee their wellbeing in the coming future.

Tips to cater to the needs of your child.

Apart from food and clothing, a child needs to be nurtured and protected in many ways before they are ready to live their own lives and take on the world. Some things to keep in mind and being attentive to your child’s needs are:

  1. A baby needs baby diapers and feeding. Apart from that, a newborn baby must also feel loved at all times and become grounded in their new lives. For this reason, many psychologists suggest that the baby be affectionately touched and caressed especially by the mother.

    This not only benefits the child by helping them feel loved and protected through physical touch, but it also benefits the mother who would probably be recovering from the consequences of delivering a baby.

    Many mothers tend to be affected emotionally and psychologically apart from the labor pain and the physical after-effects of delivering. Postpartum depression may affect the mothers and even the new fathers in some cases.

    Many times, the parents may feel repulsed or angry at the baby. If this situation worsens or persists, the parents must seek immediate help from 24 hour children’s urgent care and not let their mental and emotional state affect their child’s wellbeing.
  2. As a baby grows with love, care, and affection, they begin to slowly find their own personalities and become themselves. This stage often shows children getting angry at things or being indifferent in some ways.

    Many children would also become rebellious and do the exact opposite of what they are told to do. As parents, it is important to understand that the child is just learning to be a human. This takes time and effort on their part as well.

    Becoming angry at the child or responding with physical violence will not only scar the child forever, but it will also kill their self-confidence.

    Many people struggle with emotional trauma from their childhood and parents must be absolutely aware of the rights of their children to be themselves. It may need patience and effort but there are better ways to deal with a naughty child than being violent or showing a sense of dominance.
  3. Most parents struggle the most with their children when they are teenagers. This is a challenging time for the children as well as their parents. During this time, the children get the sense of becoming adults as their bodies start to change and even hormones make them feel differently.

    As parents, it is important to understand that your child is slowly growing into adulthood and this process is inevitable. It is always better to be open-minded, frank, and most importantly, friendly with the children during their teenage years.

    This is also a time when children are most prone to get involved in unhealthy habits and substances. Make sure that your child knows that as parents you support them and not judge them, even if they make any mistakes.

    It is also important to have good communication with your child during this time because it makes them trust you as parents. They should be able to confide in you and not be scared of you. So do your best to be friendly to your children.

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