5 Important Reasons Why Parents Need to Spend More Time With Their Kids Outdoors

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In a world where technology has taken over every sphere of our lives, we spend more time on our laptops than we do in reading a book.  I bet you’ve noticed this trend with your kids as well. They spend more time with their PlayStations than running around outside. Sure, technology has made our lives more convenient, but does that mean that we forsake the simple pleasures of being outside on a warm winter afternoon? Also, we forget that a bit of sunlight can do all of us a lot of good. Here are some benefits of spending time outdoors:

Improves Overall Well-Being

You must be aware that sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D. So, when you spend time outdoors, your body readily absorbs vitamin D. This vitamin facilitates the absorption of calcium necessary for building skeletal strength. Presence of adequate vitamin D in the blood has also been found to reduce the risks of conditions like type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and multiple sclerosis. Also, studies suggest that kids with conditions like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) can concentrate better when they spend considerable time outdoors.

Make Exercising Fun

To most people, exercising is an ordeal that they do not want to go through. Kids, these days, are cocooned indoors, and losing their inclination to work up a sweat. These unhealthy practices lead to unwarranted and unregulated weight gain, leading to obesity and other health issues. So, get your kids outside, and make exercising fun. For example, a game of Frisbee can be a lot of fun, and can also be a healthy exercise. Or, take your kid cycling around the neighborhood.

Bond With Your Kids

Most of our time is spent slogging for hours on end at our workplaces. When we get home, there are chores that need to be dealt with. So, where is the time to pull up your feet and relax? If you take the afternoon off, and decide to spend it with your kids out in the backyard, it is a great opportunity for you to bond with your kids and catch up on their lives.

Abundant Recreational Options

Sure, with the PlayStation around, your kid and you can even play tennis without actually going out to the court. It may seem just as much fun. However, you can’t go camping or fishing. You cannot enjoy a sunset or a sunrise. The possibilities of recreation outdoors are abundant. Nature can never tire you out. So, take a trip with your kids. Go camping, or trekking, and get some dirt on your shoes.

Allows Your Creativity To Take Shape

Every individual is unique, and you would want their thinking to be distinctive too. You want your kids to be unique in their creativity. However, it is not possible if they don’t have unique experiences. You need to push your kids to experience things first-hand, so that when they want to create or recreate something, it has overtones of their original perspective. Let the outdoors take over, and inspire your kids’ creativity and their lives.

Getting outdoors is a great way to break away from the mundane and routine of everyday life. You can have new experiences, spend time with people you care about, and rediscover yourself. It contributes to both spiritual and physical upliftment. So, let’s get moving and encourage our kids to soak in some sun.

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