How a School Makes a Difference in Shaping Up Your Child’s Personality?

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While parents play the role of a teacher for their child for the first few years, the prime responsibility is to make their child a smart, confident and respectful individual.

However, there comes a time when they need to broaden the horizon. This is where the role of a school comes in. While the prime responsibility of a school is to focus on academics, their job doesn’t end there. When a child goes to a school, the staff, students and even the environment play a significant role in shaping up the personality.

Modern School

We are sure you must have picked one of the best CBSE Schools to give your child the right education and path for future growth.

However, you must know that the way teachers interact with scholars and encourage interactions with one and all affect a child’s growth in many significant ways. Here is how a school makes a difference in shaping your child’s personality. Take a look!

Academic Potential

The role of a school is to make each student reach their maximum academic potential by offering the required push. However, the best CBSE schools in Delhi don’t find it enough to call it a day after ABCs and 123s. These schools work hard towards making children solution-seekers and expert problem solvers. They instill skills that come handy in every walk of life – be it personal or professional. Such skills encourage the scholars to keep trying – even after flunking the latest science test. Scholars will keep pushing themselves until they find a solution. The academic success of a child depends on many factors including the skills mentioned above.

Social Skills

Even if your child gets A’s across the grades and subjects, without social skills, clearing the first job interview will become a hard rock to climb. School plays a dynamic role in developing social skills that help scholars learn to interact comfortably with teachers, peers, and parents. Furthermore, schools also teach students about healthy relationship skills and help them develop through further interactions. The foundation of a child’s emotional and social maturity lies on the shoulder of the school to help them outshine in all areas of life. Ignoring emotional and social development produces academically gifted adults who struggle in their daily lives due to a lack of social skills. Schools understand the importance of time and hence utilize it by making such skills a significant part of the curriculum.

Character Building

The best CBSE schools in Delhi like Genesis Global School understand that academic achievement is not an alternative to character building. Such schools provide lessons on compassion, respect, empathy, and integrity while focusing on the academics. Basic lessons like “always ask before entering the classroom” and “raise your hand for query” are the first steps towards character building. Later, through debates and other interactive activities, schools allow students to develop beliefs, values, and opinions. From making the child an inept communicator to being opinionated, schools do it all – if not directly, they do it indirectly.

Final Words!

Of all the factors mentioned above for the personality development of a child, parental influence is the most critical. The way parents behave with each other and with the child has a great bearing on the personality of the child. As a parent, you must realize that your role as a mentor never ends. Your mannerisms are picked up by the child. Thus, you must also work towards becoming good role models. To sum up, it is absolute that school is an integral part of everyone’s life.

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2 responses to “How a School Makes a Difference in Shaping Up Your Child’s Personality?”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Great post Atul!

    To have a better and discipline children, children should learn to be on their own to develop their way figuring out things without you around, but before you let them go to school, pick a school that are very strict with their rules like a Catholic school that can guide them and discipline them when you are not around. What do you think with what I said?

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Nice suggestion. But it should be implemented from parents side first, where all fails in today’s busy life.