What Makes Online Learning Popular?

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Students are always worried about the forever mounting syllabus.

With long hours of studying, forever pending projects and numerous homework and deadlines.

On top of all these is the time crunching tutorials which expect another dedicated 2-3 hours on a daily basis with the promise of helping you with completing the homework and scoring better in the exams.

With schedules as tight as this, students and parents alike are bound to find alternatives that will make their life and time more flexible and bearable. And this is the space where the idea of learning online becomes popular.

Online Learning
Online Learning

The fact that learning online is more cost-effective and time-saving adds to its popularity. This allows students to indulge themselves more in other extracurricular activities that are necessary for their overall development.

In recent years, the internet has numerous e-learning platforms to offer.

However, it is necessary to pick out the best amongst them all in order to trust it with the task of shaping your future grades.

There are many trusted online study platforms that are constantly striving to make the online learning space for the students more efficient and engaging. They all have succeeded in making the niche of online learning primarily as a two-way interacting process by using the online platform wave.

Such site efficiently uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to make the whole process of learning from home more comfortable, fun and highly effective.

How Has Online Space Altered the Reality of Education?

Studying from Home: School is a very important part of every child’s growing years. However, in recent times, the extra tutorials add to the time and money crunch of the parents and students equally. Students are forced to give up their hobbies, passion and other relaxing extracurricular activities because of the same. Taking up online learning, allows students to save plenty of time and money. This can be further utilized by students to relax their minds by indulging in their respective areas of interest facilitating the overall development of the students.

Two-Way interaction Process: Although teachers never ever get tired of teaching, the students tend to let their minds wander off. This is because the students generally have a very short attention span. This is a major milestone overcome by online education due to its LIVE interaction sessions. These sessions allow the students to interact with their teachers. This is the primary reason why students will find online learning more engaging, effective and fun. It allows them to interact personally and freely with the tutors. It gives them the opportunity and space to ask all their queries and questions.

Multiple Teachers Assistance: This is one of the most effective ways of teaching a student. Live online learning classes allow students to connect with different teachers at the same time. This enables you to get multiple perspectives on an individual problem. This is very effective because every teacher has their own unique way of teaching. So this allows a student to be able to get that one particular method and understand the concepts.

Resolving Doubts Immediately: Nothing hampers the study flow as bad as an uncleared doubt. Even after listening to an hour-long lecture, when a student studies the same at his home, he is bound to get doubts. If these doubts are not resolved immediately, it can build-up to become big enough to hamper further understanding of the syllabus. Therefore it is necessary to get those doubts cleared immediately to ensure an easy study flow. This is achieved with great ease during online classes. As the student and the teacher are having a one on one interaction, the students will not feel any kind of inhibition while asking any kind of doubts to the teacher.

Quizzes: As a part of the teaching curriculum, quizzes are conducted on a regular basis to make students understand the importance of what they are studying. Students get to compete with other students in a healthy monitored environment. It stimulates a competitive edge and a sense of achievement in the students allowing them to push themselves to achieve more. This is done based on the number of sessions taken from them and their relative accuracy.

Choice of Teacher and Class: Every student has a comfort zone. Likewise, every teacher has their own individual teaching style. An effective learning environment is achieved only through the symbiotic relationship between a student and the teacher where there is maximum efficient output. When a student opts for online learning, he has the right to choose the teacher who would teach him based on his comfort zone. Also, based on his interest he can choose it to be an individual class or a group. This adds to the student feeling more comfortable while learning.

Transparency: parents are always worried about the kind and quality of the education given in tutorials. This fear can now be overcome by online classes. Parents have a clear idea about the number of classes and all the classes chosen by their ward.

With the fast-growing technology, learning online enables teachers to capture precisely the effectiveness of teaching along with learning. This allows teachers to get precise feedback and absolute control over the flow of learning. The teachers, based on all these feedback, can plan their further study process accordingly.

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