How to make money by creating and marketing online courses in 2021?

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All odds are in favor of people leveraging the online space to make money in 2021. It is high time that you go online to make money instead of socializing or to find silly entertainment videos. Creating, selling, and marketing online courses is one sector of the internet that has seen rapid growth recently.

Online courses

People long for credible and authentic online courses during challenging times. Moreover, the E-learning market is expected to grow significantly by the end of 2026. But to create digital courses requires full preparation beforehand.

Steps to create digital courses.

If you are ready to delve and dive into the world of digital teaching, follow the below steps and make a fortune:

Choose a hot yet purposeful topic for your course.

Do you have significant knowledge about a particular topic? Do you have expertise in Python, PHP, or SQL basic? Think of something that your friends and family ask you for guidance on.

It might be a skill set or knowledge related to your profession. Or, it could be a fun hobby that you picked in your childhood, such as watercolor painting.

Do complete market research.

It’s unwise to spend hours on a digital course that no one will buy. Yes, many people might be interested in hearing more from you but are they willing to pay for it? Before investing your time, energy, and material on a course, do your research on the buyer base.

Create an outline for your digital course.

While the nature of the course should be basic and easy to understand for beginners, you must go deep into the content and cover all the important aspects of the topic you have chosen. It is not a blog post we are talking about, but a course where skimming the surface is considered unprofessional.

Revise and divide your course in terms of lessons or modules. For instance, if you are teaching about a home-based business, you might have a whole module or lesson on business plans.

Create and deliver your lessons.

What would be your teaching and delivery methods? Will you use audio, infographics, charts, text, checklists, worksheets, or exam sheets? Most of the online mentors depend on video tutorials as they are easy to deliver for as many students as you like.

Moreover, proofread and revise your lessons so that there are no glitches or errors in your purposeful lessons.

Determine ways to sell your digital course.

Create a website or a portal to deliver and host your lessons. There are various WordPress plugins and membership site scripts to sell and deliver your lessons.

If you want less technical strain, use Skillshare or Udemy to deliver your lessons. You can upload your resources and teaching materials instantly. Moreover, the payment options are quite flexible for the people enrolling in the course.

Promote your digital course.

Regardless of the platform or website you use to host your lessons, you need multiple strategies to market your digital course. You can find a large student base by exploring the Udemy community or use social media networks to place ads for your digital course.

Keep your course content fresh.

Every few months or so, add new or current information to freshen up your content. Outdated lessons don’t help students and you might end up getting bad reviews.


Creating, selling, and marketing a digital course can be quite lucrative or profitable if you target the right student base and provide unique content. While it takes time and effort to create video tutorials, becoming an online instructor is a fun part-time job.

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