Ways to Stay Fit When You are Traveling

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It is very true that we easily follow our daily routine of work, exercise, meals and other routine jobs. However, once in a while we start looking for a break!

Stay Fit When You are Traveling

People generally make plans of travelling outside during holidays like Christmas and winter break, or while attending any function and even for work. There are people who also plan adventure trips, because they love sports and action.

Travelling is important to ensure some time off work or daily jobs, but it is also disadvantageous in the fact that it spoils your daily routine. For example, you have a routine where you get up, work out, go to work, after work you walk back home or hit the gym, shop the necessaries and come back home to sleep and then again the next day begins. However while travelling, you can not work out or hit the gym as per your schedule since you might not get a gym where you are staying. Also, travelling would mean change in time zones which will cause irregular meal timings. Moreover, while travelling it become difficult to restrict yourself to having healthy food only and you may dine a lot on junk and fast food.

So, following ways may be taken up when you are travelling so that when you are back from a lovely trip, you will not have to suffer in getting back to your normal lifestyle:

Keeping a Little Check on What You are Eating

While travelling you might not realize that you are eating those extra calories. It will become difficult to stop yourself from eating some extra cheese, cream or fast food. So the only way in which you can ensure that you do not gain extra pounds of weight, you will have to ensure that whatever you eat is in a limited amount and the calorie intake is in control. A person should generally maintain a daily calorie intake of 2800 calories on an average. If any day the consumption of calories exceeds the maximum intake, then you can reduce the same amount of calories next day.

Walk as Much as You Can

You are in a new city and with new people. Exploring the place would be on your top priority. How about ditching the car or cab and choosing to walk. Walking helps in burning calories and also refreshes the body as well as mind. If you are about to cover huge distances, then you may use public transport but ensure that you contribute atleast an hour or two for walking.

Do a Lot of Freehand Exercises and Dance a Lot

As you do not have a gym to do your daily pushups, crunches and squats; you may adapt other forms of physical activities to stay fit. Dancing is one of the easiest and best ways to stay fit while staying away from gym. Dancing has a lot of health benefits and it makes the body fit and flexible. Generally people do a lot of warm up before dancing so that the body stays very flexible.  Take out some time daily while you are on your trip and keep shaking your legs to remain fit and healthy, and also burn calories.


People, who generally go out on business trips or long duration trips for a tour of the whole world, stay in guest houses or inns instead of staying in hotels to save money. There are people who provide their houses or properties on rent, to tourists and guests who are travelling. This is also a kind of house-sitting because the owner of the property is generally away. House-sitting involves a lot of household activities like maintenance and cooking which helps a person stay fit, even when he is away from home and daily life. The guest only needs to ensure that the house of the owner is clean and tidy, while staying there.

Determination and Willpower

The methods mentioned above are useless if you are not determined enough to make sure that you stay fit and fine throughout your trip. One should be strong willed and determined and ensure that there is no mistake in following the daily routine of physical activities and walking, while touring.

Enjoy Your Trip

It is very much mandatory to enjoy your trip while keeping a track of your daily diet and workouts. While travelling, you are free to roam and explore and you should make each moment of your trip fun-filled and comfortable.

Apart from all this, there are many other ways in ensuring a well-maintained and fit schedule while travelling like setting your goals and fixing time for your work outs and other jobs. So stay fit while keeping your family happy, as well!

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