Understanding AWStats Statistics of cPanel

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In order to see the traffic of your website or blog you need to opt of the statistic program and AWStats is one program which is already in cPanel by default. The numbers shown in AWStats are little bit confusing thus we need to understand the AWStats statistics in detail. It is not any normal program, it is advance one which also notice bots also therefor you need to understand how to measure actual traffic of your website or blog. Here we have explained every confusing term in detail.


In AWStats (Advance Web Statistic) some terms are confusing in summary sections like Unique Visitors, Numbers of Visits, Pages, Hits and Bandwidth.


Unique Visitors : Total unique number of people come to your website or blog at least for one time. Here if any one person visits your pages for many times then his unique visit would be one for all time. It tracks IP (Internet Protocol) address to know the individual status of visits.

Numbers of Visits : This the actual number of your blog’s or website’s status, in simple this is your real page views for the particular time. If somebody visit your pages for 10 times then your page views also show you 10 numbers of visits. You can also see individual page views average here.

Pages : The total numbers of pages seen by your visitor is stated in AWStats. The pages are usually HTML, PHP and ASP. Images, CSS and JavaScript files are not the part of pages. If your single page contains 1 HTML file and 2 PHP files then your visit would be 3 pages per visit.

Hits : Hits includes every single file requested by visitor. Hits contain pages (HTML, PHP and ASP) with Images, CSS and JavaScript. If your site has 1 HTML file, 2 Images file and 2 JavaScript file then your hits would be around 5 per page view.

Bandwidth : This contains report of every single byte expended on downloading and uploading of your every single web content. This can be varying from page to page and image to image because every single page have its own size and consume according to that sizes.

These are the meaning of the simple terms used almost everywhere in AWStats.

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