Top 3 Laptop Brands to Have One in 2014

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Laptops are considered as one of the most popular accessories among the people and because of this, there is a wide range of service providers available in the market which provides high-quality laptops.

Moreover, the prices of laptops vary widely. You can also get laptops at very cheap prices however it is also important that you should purchase laptops from a reputed brand. There are many reasons behind this such as you can get a better customer support, good warranty period etc.

However, when you are planning you to purchase a Laptop it is also important that you should know about the top laptop brands. Here is the list of top three Laptop brands available in the market


Apple LaptopThe Apple is known for its high performance and they have approximately seven to eight models of laptops however they have considerably high prices. The hardware and software which is used in Apple laptops are of high quality. Moreover, these Laptops are also for excellent customer support. If you are having any problem with your device you can directly contact to your customer support which is available for the customers to assist them round the clock.


Sony LaptopThis is a Japanese company which is very popular among the people nowadays. The Sony laptops gained huge popularity after the launch of VAIO series which is considered as one of the most functional as well as stylish laptops of the modern era. The customer support of Sony is also very good and is known for providing all the multimedia as well as various graphics and gaming options. However, like the Apple laptops the price of these laptops are also considerably high and therefore you will need to know all the specifications which you need from your laptop in advance.


This is a Chinese company and is well known among the people for its phone, tablets as well as laptops. The Lenovo has a big name in computer market nowadays after the release of few new models. The Lenovo laptops are considered as more professional as compared to the others. This product is more portable, convenient and you can also use it as a regular laptop. Lenovo is known to provide high graphics quality and good multimedia options. These options generally vary with the model.

Lenovo UltraBook

These are some of the most popular laptop brands available in the market. However, when you are planning to purchase a laptop there are certain things which you will have to keep in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is the specifications of the laptop which you need from your laptop. There is no point in purchasing an expensive laptop with the specification which you do not need. The second thing to keep in mind is the warranty period of the Laptop which you are planning to purchase.

Normally, the warranty period offered by these laptop brands is approximately two years which can be extended by paying some extra money. Therefore, make sure that the warranty period at least two years.

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