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Out of fear of colleagues branding you shy and uncommunicative, you decide to make your mark on your company’s blog. However, you don’t want to make comments against company policy, and you’re now pondering on what you can write about to engage others and to get new members on board.

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Company Jargon Made Easier

Everybody on board knows what the company and the people in it do. Nevertheless, each workplace has unique jargon. Setting up a blog post with such codes will help on-boarders understand team dynamics and ease their integration into the workforce. You can create a video with various employees explaining the terms.

Personal Profiling

Introduce yourself; explain your professional background, and what attracted you to work for the company. You can touch on interests you pursue outside of work and any activities you engage in such as charity, volunteering, and unique hobbies.

If that sounds too conservative, you can brighten up by framing the information as a list of things people don’t know about you. Better still; make it a list of fun things about your personal life.

Suggest or Review Company Events

Capture and share past social events by generating a Slideshare or photo gallery. Colleagues will feel honored for the recognition, and it’s a way of presenting the fun part of working for the company.

Such posts like those featuring charity events, staff parties, and award ceremonies where the company staff, a client or team received recognition help in attracting new talent. They encourage suggestions in the planning for more company events. Setting up an easy to use organizing, scheduling, and sharing app like Teamup Calendar will encourage staff members to keep track of such events and prepare to participate.

Highlighting Challenges

Discussing challenges, you have faced with a project or client will astound you with the amount of support you garner from team members. Everyone has experience and skills, so advice will come in spades.

With such teamwork, you feel encouraged and receive the help you need to ace it or get that contract. Alternatively, you can offer insight on innovative tips you have developed or learned to solve a problem faced by a department or individual. Such ideas and input will increase productivity and boost synergy. You can also write a blog to appreciate a colleague who assisted you.

Let Numbers Talk

Stats on company projections and info graphics on your industry help in goal setting. Such information helps in setting targets for individuals and teams. Armed with such data on previous years’ performance, the company can discuss realistic business projections on its portfolio.

Such discussions with the input of concerned peers help in setting out the image to project to stakeholders. The profiling of clients’ stats in the region can help the company to develop an appropriate strategy. Further, featuring a customer’s or supplier’s testimonial or reporting on the case study will assist the company to understand its standing in the market and how to approach its target client base.

Social Media and Your Company

When your job description states that you have industry updates at your fingertips, you can communicate your findings on the blog. Enlighten others about who to follow on Twitter, which groups to join on LinkedIn, and which social media platforms to visit for valuable news and updates.

As colleagues, you can discuss top blogs you have perused lately and emerging trends. You may discuss new tools and approaches relevant to the business and your role. Additionally, you can analyze useful external blogs, resources, and newsletters your peers can subscribe to concerning key influencing personalities and trends in the industry.

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