5 Things That Make a Good Landing Page for a Company

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Creating a Good Landing Page

It doesn’t matter if you have a mattress store website and talk about sleep chronotype, or a bakery talking about the newest dessert, in order to maximize the company’s profits and to properly engage the customers that your company seeks to recruit, it is necessary to have a fine quality landing page. The landing page is the page that the customer is redirected to after they click on a search engine result or a link within your email campaign. There are certain factors that make a landing page more or less affected and we will discuss them in detail below.

Landing Page

First of all, your landing page should have creative graphics that captivate the viewer’s eye. Also, you should have a cognizant color scheme for the particular page. The written content on your page should be creative and story-like in nature. The page should be complete with calls to action opportunities such as buy now buttons or read more buttons. The page should have an overall seamless composition.

1. Create an Overall Seamless Appearance

It is very important that the overall appearance of your landing page is completely seamless. This means that the graphics, the color scheme, and the written content all flow together nicely without any abrupt interruptions of the visual theme. You will want to ensure that the color scheme is present in the buttons and in any extra graphics that you add to the page.

2. Creative Graphics

Your company’s landing page should contain creative and aesthetically pleasing graphics. The visual aspect of your company’s landing page is arguably the most important part of the landing page itself. You must have visuals on this page that are engaging to the customer and encourage them to read more.

Examples of these types of graphics are stock photography relevant to your product, artistic renderings relevant to your product, and geometric designs. You should choose graphics that compliment your color scheme. You should ensure that all graphics on the page flow together smoothly with some type of theme.

3. Color Scheme

The landing page should have a recognizable color scheme in the design of the page. This color scheme should be used throughout, including in the font of the page headings. Developing a relevant color scheme for your page helps to further engage the customer.

It also gives your page a very professional look that the customer will appreciate. Developing this color scheme will lend your website an air of professionalism. It will add credibility to your company through the eyes of the customer.

4. Create Compelling Written Content

There are many different types of written content that you can use on your landing page. One common landing page written content theme is the about page. This serves to describe a little bit about the company to the customer.

The written content that you compose should not only be relevant, but it should also be written in a creative fashion. For example, should you sell clothing, you will create a storyline about the customer going into a shop and trying on clothing rather than simply stating facts about the clothes you sell. Telling a story with your written content or introducing anecdotes is more effective than simply listing off facts about your business because it keeps the customer engaged.

5. Include Call to Action Buttons

In order to provide a more interactive experience for the customer of your website, you may include buttons that call the customer to action. These buttons should be designed with a visual that is relevant to the color scheme and graphics used on the landing page. The button should stand out from the rest of the landing page so that the customer is able to detect them and therefore click on them.

Examples of call to action buttons include buy now buttons and read more buttons. Rather than having a website that simply scrolls through the pages on one main page, it is more interactive for the customer to find the other pages of the website through clicking on buttons or tabs. You should make sure that these call to action buttons blend in nicely with the general aesthetic of the website landing page.

Making your website landing page seamless also means proper formatting for written content. Written content should be formatted 1.5 line spaced, with proper indentations at the beginning of each paragraph. You should design your text content to wrap around images, as well. Should you share to these guidelines, you are certain to be happy with your landing page.

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