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  • Top Careers for Those Who Love Water Sports

    Top Careers for Those Who Love Water Sports

    If you’re the outdoorzy type but grind 40+ hours away inside a tall building behind a computer screen maybe it’s time to consider how you could incorporate your natural love of the sea and maybe that kayaking addiction into your career (or a least an enviable side-hustle). SCUBA Diving Instructors Being a PADI SCUBA Divemaster or…

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  • 3 Children’s Toys That Teach Valuable Life Skills

    While your kids might think that playing with these toys is all fun and games, science has shown that exposing children to certain playthings can actually help them to learn valuable life lessons that will help make them smarter, kinder and all-around better people. So the next time you’re looking to purchase a new toy…

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  • Great Outlets for People with a Lot of Pent Up Aggression

    Everybody knows that person in life who has a tendency to air on the side of aggression. It’s in their blood. Get them amped up and things get a little crazy, the littlest thing sets them on fire. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means that that individual is passionate and has fire in…

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