Great Outlets for People with a Lot of Pent Up Aggression

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Everybody knows that person in life who has a tendency to air on the side of aggression. It’s in their blood. Get them amped up and things get a little crazy, the littlest thing sets them on fire. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means that that individual is passionate and has fire in their blood. It will fuel them to create something really great out of their lives…that is if they can learn to master it and not let it master them.

If you’re a person who feels the flame of aggression often, or you know somebody who is like that, maybe you just need an outlet. Aggression left unchecked can lead to many paths that are unhealthy for an individual to take. Here are great outlets for people with a lot of pent up aggression:


Sports are great because not only do they keep you in shape and healthy, they also give you an avenue to make friendships, have healthy competition, and they give you the safe outlet you’re looking for to let off a little bit of steam. Get yourself a goal, learn to play lacrosse, soccer, football, or any other sport, and see what it does for you. You’ll probably find that the fire inside burns a little less when you have something healthy to unleash it upon.

The Performing Arts

The performing arts are pure magic on anybody who partakes in them. You don’t have to be an actor or a singer to enjoy the benefits of the artform. If you need an outlet for all of your aggression, you could take to the stage yourself and channel that emotion into a powerful scene that talks about the frustrations of war, or you could simply attend a theatrical performance and get lost in the story being told.

You’ll feel yourself being taken on an emotional journey that brings your feelings to the edge of cascading down your face in a river of tears, to being released upward to the sky in a moment of laughter. Catharsis is a powerful tool of the performing arts. It might be just what you need.


Emotions that go unaddressed are the ones that explode and create messes that are hard to clean up. If you’re an aggressive person, perhaps you should spend time writing about why you are that way. Use the emotions you feel to create stories and dialogue alive with intention.

Keep a journal, write a book, write a song, write not coherent at all, it doesn’t matter. As long as the words are put to a page, the blood can start to flow healthily again and the aggression just might ease because of it.

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