8 Ways to Boost Your Business Cybersecurity


Hackers and cyber criminals are rampant today, and they target anyone from individuals to large corporations. You may not think that your business is a worthy target, but these hackers find businesses to be easier to target. They are opportunistic, and they will try to get into any system that is vulnerable. There are different … Read more

Inside the Global WAF Market

Web Application Firewall

Cyber and data security have become important considerations for organizations around the world. Data breaches have become more common, and new regulations, like the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), have been developed to help prevent them. As a result, organizations have been well-motivated to take the steps necessary to protect their systems and sensitive … Read more

Safer Internet Day: Let’s Make the Web Safe to Kids


At this day and age, children have become so knowledgeable about computers and the Internet, sometimes much more than their parents. This is an era of “digital natives,” members of which include those who were born into technologies that previous generations took some time to adapt.  The Huffington Post reports about a study that says … Read more