The Best and the Worst Ways to Explain the Reason of Leaving Last Job

Nowadays, a frequent shift between private sector and government sector employees can be noticed very commonly. There is always a ‘why’ enquiring for every change or transposition in a job. Everyone would seek after the reasons for leaving the latter post and rationales behind chasing a new one. Leaving a current job graciously to opt … Read more

The Most Dangerous Jobs

Dangerous Jobs

There are some occupations that can not only ruin your health, but take away your life… What professionals work at the risk of their health? In some cases the work can not only provide a sense of moral satisfaction and financial independence, but can also subject the human health and life to immediate danger. Therefore, … Read more

Golden Rules of Job Applications

Hired or Ignored

If you are currently in the process of looking for a new job, make sure you follow the golden rules of job applications to give yourself a fighting chance and a head start against the other hopefuls out there. The number one rule when applying for a job, before you’ve even thought about an interview, … Read more

Can I Quit My Job for the Sake of Blogging?

Make Money Blogging

Leaving your job means shutting down the conduits of your finances. Unless you have discovered a way to produce banknotes out of thin air; or, maybe you have broken into your neighborhood coffee shop on a busy day to plunder the till and had met with exceptional success. If no such luck, think twice before … Read more