Can I Quit My Job for the Sake of Blogging?

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Make Money Blogging

Leaving your job means shutting down the conduits of your finances. Unless you have discovered a way to produce banknotes out of thin air; or, maybe you have broken into your neighborhood coffee shop on a busy day to plunder the till and had met with exceptional success. If no such luck, think twice before taking the plunge or learning how to make a website.

Financial Contingencies

Can you continue supporting yourself and whoever depends on you if you were to quit? Not only do you have to meet the expenditure that you had budgeted for, but you will always find something cropping up that needs you to spend money. Like an admission to hospital; like urgent repairs to your car or house. In fact, troubles come your way when you are least equipped to face them.

Why Quit?

If you have found a successful answer to this aspect of life, you must turn to others that have a say in your future. The reasons why one wants to say good bye to his job are many. Like the lack of job satisfaction, the routineness of the job, a pay packet that disappears as soon as one gets one’s hands on it, the high-handedness of one’s boss and many more. Have you reached the point of no-return in any of these cases? Well, quitting may be the most ideal solution but what then?

Blogging as an Alternative

Another job? And, go through all the stuff again? It is quite possible to land your dream job but would you like to take the risk? Can you write? No, not necessarily like John Grisham or Tom Clancy but at least like a school boy without atrocious grammar… Blogging had come of age a while ago and there are a lot of people who make a decent living out of the money they make from blogging. Let it be said, however, that most bloggers had shut shot and gone away, never to return. If you follow the tips below, you will hit the pot of gold…er, at least silver!

Decide on the Subject of Your Blog

You SHOULD NOT go for the subject that is dear to your heart if that is given a wide berth by a majority of visitors to blogosphere. For instance, you may go whole hog and read all about Arctic Tern. Do you think this is a subject that many people will be pleased to read about? On the other hand, you may hate hip-hop but you know millions out there swear by DJ Kool. Can you write on the subject. Go ahead and start on blog on it. Do research, more research and some more research.

SEO is Important

To make your blog eminently visible, learn search engine optimization. Learn keyword placements. Be careful, though. Search engines do not take kindly to an excess of keywords.

Sharing Options

If your blog contains good value, visitors would want to share it with others. Make sure you have share widgets they can utilize.

Earn from Ads

Set up Pay Per Click, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, Google Adsence etc.

Most of all, be patient. You will gradually start earning from blogging.

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