Golden Rules of Job Applications

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If you are currently in the process of looking for a new job, make sure you follow the golden rules of job applications to give yourself a fighting chance and a head start against the other hopefuls out there.

The number one rule when applying for a job, before you’ve even thought about an interview, is to make sure you’ve got the application and covering letter right. A decent application and covering letter will get you closer to an interview, whereas a poor one might scupper your chances for good. First impressions are everything, so make it count.

Hired or Ignored

The key points to remember for any job application are to fill in all required bits of information and to proof read once, proof read twice, and then proof read again! When applying for lots of jobs it can be all too easy to regurgitate the same information by copying and pasting, which can all too easily lead to errors such as addressing a covering letter to the wrong person or referring to the wrong workplace. This is why proofreading thoroughly is important. If you can, get someone else to look over your letter and form as well, whether it’s a friend or family member or Job Center staff.  A fresh pair of eyes can really help as even the most proficient of writers can overlook mistakes after a while.

Remember to give all of the information that the application form asks for, even if for some of us it might seem irrelevant (not to mention time-consuming) to list all jobs held since the age of 16 and to explain any gaps. If that’s what they have asked for then provide the information and at least when you have done it once you can reuse it for future applications.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit creative and talk about the things which you are passionate about (if relevant to the application). Mentioning your hobbies and interests can show that you are a well-rounded, interesting person. If you can relate your hobbies to how they would help you in the job then even better.

It’s also important to express your enthusiasm for the job and company for which you’re applying. Don’t just say the run-of-the-mill statements which everyone says. Try doing some research and seeing if the company has one any awards you can mention. Talk about your background and how your interest in the industry grew. Anyone can list their qualifications and skills but having that personal touch is more likely to make you stand out from the crowd and get the employers attention.

Your application shouldn’t give your life story, but be clear and concise. You want to be able to expand on your skills and experience when it comes to the interview and really promote yourself. However, if your application is well thought out there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a foot in the door and can begin to think about preparing for your interview.

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