Shocking Side Effects of Site Enhancement Oils

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We have all seen those bodybuilders who in couple of weeks or months increase their muscle size significantly, and that is normal. With the use of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), muscle grow is expected. Some, however, do not want to wait as long. Instead, they inject site enhancement oils (SEOs) which result in “ballooning up” in size overnight. However, the altered size and the shape of the muscle made by instant enlargement, is unsafe as it is unnatural. Let us look into everything that needs to be on the surface when it comes to SEOs.

The Most Popular SEO

Site Enhancement Oils

The most widely used SEO is synthol. It was developed in the end of the last century by a German bodybuilder, Chris Clark. It is a mixture of different ingredients: 7.5% benzyl alcohol (disinfectant/sterilizer), 7.5% lidocaine (local anesthetic/painkiller) and 85% oil (usually medium chain triglycerides). These ingredients are combined this way to minimize the pain and discomfort.

The Use of Synthol in Bodybuilding

This site enhancement oil is usually used in bodybuilding to enhance smaller muscle groups, such as deltoids, triceps, biceps and calves. Because those groups are underdeveloped, the people injecting synthol are striving to bring them up in comparison to larger muscle groups like the chest, back and thighs. Injecting synthol in triceps and biceps is so often that has even gotten its nickname – fluffing. Still, when bodybuilders do it, it is done according to some set of rules and specific injecting schedules, which, in most cases, results in natural-looking outcome, but it is not natural in its essence, and it can still lead to some side effects.

Use of Synthol in Bodybuilding

The Use of Synthol by Amateurs

An average man’s dream is to be muscular without weightlifting. And oil injections seem as ideal solution, right? Wrong. There are no simple solutions, just training very hard. When taking a look at some of the synthol users that injected the oil to literally nothing (not previously muscular body) we can see that the results are simply ridiculous. No one is buying that. And the bodybuilders’ community finds that offensive. It would be as someone is teaching in school without a diploma.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong – Part I

Side Effects of using Oil Injections

Well this is a long story. There are numerous dangers and side effects of using oil injections, some of them happening instantly and passing quickly and some of them sneaking up unnoticed until they cause serious damage. Some of the most “harmless” ones are swelling, pressure and localized redness. They do however require pausing with injections, if just for couple of hours. Moving on to more serious side effects, we have nerve damage, blood vessels leak, skin ruptures, infection, complete halt of natural muscle regeneration, cyst and cystic scar tissue.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong – Part II

Danger Side Effects of Using Oil Injections

Some of the side effects are so severe that they require immediate emergency care. The blockage or closing of the pulmonary artery can happen as a direct or indirect result of injecting oil. The SEOs can also lead to inflammation of blood vessels and damage of connective tissue. It is possible that, due to the usage of synthol, the lymph vessels throughout the entire body end up infected, because of the complications related to bacterial infections. One of the most terrifying dangers of injecting oil bags is the potential cerebral stroke, caused by stopping the blood flow to the brain.

It Actually Happened

Injecting Synthol into Biceps Gone Wrong

Now, these side effects are not just letters on paper, some of these things happened before. Here, we will discuss one of them. A surgeon, Suleiman Ghandourah of University Hospital Marburg wrote about that case in the Journal of Medical Case Reports. A 29-year-old bodybuilder was injecting synthol into his biceps for four years. He reported to doctor with extreme muscle pain. Inside the man’s biceps a muscle separation and development of holes occurred, and in between, there was oil. The doctors had to amputate one part of his biceps (11 x 5 x 5 cm).

Weightlifting can be difficult and there will be months until the results appear, but there is no way around the truth – no pain no gain.

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