Maintaining Old Landmark Buildings Can Be Environmentally Friendly

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Ecologically Conservative Solutions

One of the problems that comes in maintaining older structures that may have historical value is their environmental impact. Many older buildings simply aren’t configured to operate using modern techniques. From old heating systems, to old power structures, to decaying building materials, there’s a lot that can be environmentally unhealthy in such structures.

A complete remodel can certainly help, but may not always be possible. Still, there are measures which can be undertaken that will at the very least restore some measure of functionality in an eco-friendly way.

According to ATG electronics, LED lighting manufacturers, “LED lamps have renewed landmarks including government office buildings, five star hotels, hospitals, university and high school classrooms, and many more.”

The reason LEDs are so ideal for helping to renew such old landmarks has a lot to do with how they work. They don’t require nearly so much energy to exude what appears to be the same level of luminosity coming from a conventional filament or gas lighting arrangement.

Additionally, LEDs shine cold; they don’t exude heat. That means the building doesn’t have to spend quite as much money on A/C. In the end, you get the same amount of light (or more) at less energy expenditure, while simultaneously reducing energy loss in other areas. To top it all off, LEDs last substantially longer than conventional lighting options.


The Solar Component

A great way to totally eliminate an old landmark’s reliance on grid power is through solar energy. Now, the positive effect this has on such a structure’s property value will likely differ depending on the building. However, the solar route generally invites large returns. Additionally, it excises the cost of utilities. While modernizing an older building, it diminishes the operational costs associated.

When combined with LED, the effect is essentially having your cake and eating it too. You get all the benefit of traditional power, but you don’t have to pay anything. Plus, your property becomes more valuable.

Renovating Interiors

There are some structures on the inside of a building that can be saved, sometimes they just need an upgrade. It’s a lot more environmentally friendly to upgrade an old building than it is to tear it down; even if the new structure is better. Eventually that new structure will start being a benefit, but it will take years. Plus, it will be more costly, and ultimately it’s construction could outweigh any benefit.

A better route is to find areas of a structure which are broken, and can be repaired. Oftentimes a little renovation can go a long way toward preservation. You’d be surprised what regular cleaning can do for a space. Where it’s possible, also, it makes sense to replace that which is replaceable.

Perfect Solutions for Home And Business

Beyond general renovation and preservation facilitation, LED lighting and solar technology are both excellent ways to decrease your reliance on the grid, increase your property value, and save money. Whether you’re an owner of a business, or an owner of a home, either property stands to benefit.

The best way to determine whether or not these solutions would be a good fit is to look at your utility averages over the past year, and see how much you’re paying on average. Then compare that with the cost of installation which applies to LED and solar tech. Many find that there is an initial expense for the technology and its installation, but after a year or two, these tech options pay for themselves.

New Sustainable Solutions Are Becoming Realistic

Solar tech has been around for decades, but today it is affordable. The same is true with LEDs. Finally, these solutions are becoming viable.


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