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  • Precision Printing Turns The Big 50

    Happy 50th Birthday Precision! The big 50! We are proud to say we have been serving the print industry since 1966. The company planted its roots in Central Street, London, thanks to a young man named Clive Cooper. At the age of 20, Clive dreamed of starting a print shop and, in 1966 when he…

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  • Maintaining Old Landmark Buildings Can Be Environmentally Friendly

    Maintaining Old Landmark Buildings Can Be Environmentally Friendly

    Ecologically Conservative Solutions One of the problems that comes in maintaining older structures that may have historical value is their environmental impact. Many older buildings simply aren’t configured to operate using modern techniques. From old heating systems, to old power structures, to decaying building materials, there’s a lot that can be environmentally unhealthy in such…

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  • Consumerism is Killing the Planet and It’s Time for Change

    Sustainability is the very act of upholding something. In environmental terms, which is all you hear about these days, sustainability is the ability to not invoke harm upon the environment. Sustainability is the act of not depleting an area of its natural resources that affect the overall well being of the planet as a whole.…

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  • Ahmedabad-Mumbai Shinkansen: Projections and Hurdles

    Talks and issues surrounding the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project continue to make headlines, according to Ahmedabad news at Divya Bhaskar. Back in 2005, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said no to the project, given the huge cost it would involve. Projections for the cost were around 1,800 crore per kilometer. However, it seems the…

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