How to Identify and Prevent Indoor Spin Bike Injuries?

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One of the most popular fitness equipment that will help to burn a lot of calories and give a very good workout is the indoor spin bike. This is a great indoor cycle and a safe one to use. But, there are times when you might end up getting injured using this indoor cycling equipment. You need to heed to the safety precautions that the instructor gives you when you are taking the spinning classes. If you need to avoid injuries, then you will have to properly follow the guidelines.

Prevent from Indoor Spin Bikes Injuries

The following are the tips you need to follow to avoid injuries when riding the indoor cycling equipment.

Use of Cycling Shoes

You should only use cycling shoes when you get on the indoor cycle. These shoes offer great control, positioning and will clip on the pedals so that you have an effective ride. You will feel comfortable and energetic when using the proper cycling shoes.

Focus on Hands and Legs

When you are sitting on the cycle to start your workout, you need to give attention to your hands and legs. Make sure that you are able to easily hold on to the handle bar and your feet on the pedals are comfortable. This way you can avoid injuries to hands and legs when cycling.

Rest When You Feel Pain

Take a break from your cycling when you feel some sort of pain or discomfort in your knees or hip joints. You can restart your workout once the pain has completely subsided. There is no harm in taking a break for a few days and continuing when you feel perfect.

Never Overdo Cycling

It is vital for you to maintain a certain amount of speed and exercise duration. Never try to exceed the limits set at any time. You could get tired and exhausted and you can also easily catch up with body niggles.

Seat Position

It is vital for you to have a comfortable seating position when you get on the spin bikes. So, make sure you check on the position of the seat before cycling. If the seat is a bit high or a bit low, then you might catch knee, hip and back injury.

Feet Position

The feet have to be parallel to the ground when you are cycling. The knees also must be slightly bent to make you feel comfortable and also to avoid knee injuries.

Handlebar Setting

You should raise the handlebars slightly if you had problems with your shoulders, back or neck. You should make sure that there is no stress felt in these body areas when cycling.

Spine and Hips

To avoid injuries to the spine, make sure that your spine position is straight when cycling to avoid back injuries. The hip has to be placed properly so that you do not feel any issues when moving. This way you can avoid injuries to back and hips.

Weight on Hips and Legs

You should never put the weight of your body on your wrists as this might cause injuries. The maximum load has to be transferred to the legs and the hips. This is the most comfortable way to cycle without injuries.

Follow Instructions Carefully

It is important for you to follow the instructions given by the cycling instructor. You should never exceed the resistance levels that the instructor gives and also do not exceed the allowed cycling time. This will help prevent injuries.

Riding Speed

You are not in a cycle race in indoor cycling equipment. You are using it to give your body a good exercise. Hence, stick to the speed limits to percent muscle pains and tears.

Riding with Music on

You can feel relaxed and enjoy the spin bikes ride if you have music on. You can catch  the beat and rhythm of the song and ride the bike according to  the music. This way you  will feel better and  prevent any injuries.

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