Chevrolet in 2024: An In-Depth Look into Their Engine Technology

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Since 1911, Chevrolet has been known for its innovative spirit and its commitment to quality—and its new engines are continuing that proud tradition. With advanced features like direct fuel injection, efficient turbocharging, cylinder deactivation, automatic stop/start, and variable valve timing, it’s easy to see why Chevy still rules the road. In our guide, we’ll explore the new technology behind the most recent crop of Chevrolet engines.


New Cylinders Designed for Efficiency and Cooling Power.

In 2024, Chevy took things to another level with an innovative cylinder design. The automaker’s new approach brings smoother, more efficient operation and better engine cooling, which promises an even better on-the-road experience. As this year’s models hit showroom floors, we’re excited to see what the cylinder redesign does for America’s automotive industry. Visit a chevy dealership utah to learn how the brand’s new cylinder design improves performance and makes every trip more enjoyable.

Cylinder Deactivation for Higher Torque, Reduced Friction, and Lower Overall Engine Temperatures.

Chevrolet’s 2024 engines include another innovative technological feature that improves efficiency and reduces friction without sacrificing power. Called cylinder deactivation, the tech ensures that only the needed number of engine cylinders are activated at any time. By deactivating unneeded cylinders, engines run cooler, improve efficiency, increase fuel economy, and decrease emissions.

That’s not the only reason to get excited about cylinder deactivation. The feature also boosts torque, which makes the engine snappier and more responsive, while providing a more spirited driving experience. Of all the features found in 2024 Chevrolet engines, we’re most excited about cylinder deactivation because of its effects on efficiency, power, and enjoyment. Visit a dealership today to experience it for yourself!

Automatic Stop and Start for Better Fuel Economy.

As automakers—including Chevrolet—invent new technologies to protect the environment and help drivers get the most out of every mile, automatic stop-and-start is becoming more popular. These engine management systems save fuel while idling at stoplights and in traffic, and Chevy’s 2024 models are at the forefront of the automaker’s implementation efforts.

Automatic stop-and-start works by shutting the engine off when the vehicle stops and restarting it with the release of the brake and the application of the accelerator pedal. Not only does automatic stop-and-start save gas, but it also cuts emissions and makes our air cleaner. As we become more aware of our carbon footprint, tech features like automatic stop-and-start will continue to be a crucial part of America’s auto industry.

Direct Injection for Better Performance and Increased Efficiency.

As you may have guessed, the automotive industry is always looking for ways to boost efficiency without sacrificing performance. For 2024 and beyond, Chevrolet is using direct injection technology, which delivers just enough fuel to the engine.

Direct injection saves fuel and makes the combustion process more efficient, creating on-demand acceleration and boosting engine output. With these and other technological advances, Chevrolet is becoming a provider of high-quality vehicles that offer great fuel economy and performance. Stop by your local dealership to see how Chevy’s new engines are changing the game.

Increased Output Through Variable Valve Timing.

As automotive technology grows by leaps and bounds, carmakers always look for ways to make their vehicles better. With its use of variable valve timing, Chevrolet has attained a higher power output, greater fuel economy, a smooth ride, and better performance.

By making it, so their valves adjust timing based on driving behaviors and road conditions, 2024 Chevrolet engines offer optimal power output in every situation. Whether you’re driving to work or going on a weekend getaway, your new Chevy will deliver the power and efficiency you’re looking for.

Turbocharging for More Power and Better Fuel Economy.

Chevrolet has been an automotive industry leader since its inception, and its new vehicles and engines are no exception. With this year’s offerings, Chevy doesn’t just meet expectations—it far exceeds them. Its latest engines include turbochargers, which offer numerous benefits, including better fuel economy and increased power. When you’re on the highway, it’ll make for a smoother and more energetic ride—no matter where you’re headed.

What Makes Chevy Engines So Great?

Across Utah, car buyers value reliability above all else. Chevrolet is synonymous with excellence and quality, delivering on its commitment to safety and durability. Here are a few reasons to choose a Chevy engine.

  • Reliability. Chevrolet knows that engine performance isn’t just about the number on the speedometer; it’s also about efficiency and power. Its engines are known for reliability, offering responsive power, smooth acceleration, and great fuel efficiency.
  • Quality. Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs are known for the high-quality parts used in their engines. With fewer repairs, you’ll keep your Chevy on the road longer—and keep more money in your pocket.

Chevrolet is known for long-lasting, powerful engines, and it continues to make powertrains that set the standard for the industry. Whether you want the fuel economy of the Trax or the raw performance of the Corvette, you’re sure to find a reliable engine under the hood. Visit us online or stop by the dealership to learn more about our engine options.

Test Drive a New Chevrolet and Experience its Engine Reliability for Yourself.

Since 1911, Chevrolet has set the bar high in terms of efficiency, performance, and value. In 2024, they’re introducing engine technology that continues that tradition. With a combination of direct injection, variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, turbocharging, and automatic stop/start, you’ll get a reliable, powerful ride and the quality for which Chevy is known.

We are excited about Chevrolet’s new engine technology, and we hope you are, too. We can’t wait to see how these features will elevate your ownership experience now and in the future. At Chevrolet, we’re here for the road ahead.

We make it easy to get behind the wheel of your favorite Chevy model. Join us at our Utah dealership to learn more about all these great new features, browse our new and pre-owned models online, or call us to schedule a no-obligation test drive.

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