How to Stay Warm in the Cold Weather?

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Many areas of the world are lucky enough to be pretty temperate weather wise, and while having warm weather year round is nice, it’s also nice to be able and enjoy the seasons as they come. To be honest, the cold isn’t always a lot of fun, but if you’re somebody who loves to ski or snowboard, you might enjoy sub-zero temperatures for that very reason. The cold weather does bring some beautiful things with it. Like snow, for example. There is little that beats a sunrise or sunset over a pristine white landscape or mountainside.

If you want to learn to enjoy the cold, the biggest part is dressing for the occasion. Staying warm makes all the difference in how you feel about cold weather. Here are 3 tips for staying warm in the winter season:

Layering yourself.

You’ve been taught about layering your entire life, so it probably doesn’t need to be explained to you, but there is validity in the kinds of clothes that you layer. If you’re using plain cotton, which is a breathable fabric, even layering up isn’t going to keep you all that warm. What you need are clothes designed to be layered that are made of the right mix of materials. They’re light, they’re warm and durable, and when you’re out in the elements, they will be your lifesaver in regards to actually liking the cold weather.

Use high-quality gloves.

Gloves are an aspect of cold weather dressing that many people often neglect. Gloves are annoying to handle, they are large, bulky, do little to actually keep your fingers warm when it all comes down to it, and you can’t operate your phone with them on. Well, lucky for you, engineers think about these kinds of things. Get yourself a pair of high-quality gloves that are light and even allow you to operate your electronics without taking them off, and you’ll be further down the road to becoming a happy camper.

Movement is the key.

Now this is a tricky thing. Movement will always get your blood flowing and keep you warm, but if you move too much, and you start to work up a sweat, this will actually cause you to get colder as your sweat dries on your body. Getting too sweaty in cold atmospheres has caused too many a premature death, so when you’re out in the cold, make sure you’re moving, but if you feel yourself starting to get a little too warm, take it down a notch.

If you’re outside watching the winter parade, building a snowman, waiting in line, or walking somewhere, you’ll be better off when you’re doing something to promote that blood flow, but of course the gloves and the clothes you layer make a massive difference.

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