How Do You Get Sellotape Marks Off Glass?

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Sellotape and other kind of tape can leave some residue when peeled off and when the surface is glass it can ruin the looks of transparent wall. So here are some tried and tips to remove sellotape marks or residues from glass.

Get sellotape marks off glass

You can try the following methods:

  1. Rubbing alcohol or vinegar: Apply rubbing alcohol or vinegar on the tape marks with a cotton ball or cloth and rub it until the marks come off.
  2. Baking soda and water: Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it on the tape marks, and rub it with a cloth until the marks disappear.
  3. Goo Gone or other adhesive remover: Apply a small amount of adhesive remover on the tape marks, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it away with a cloth.
  4. Razor blade or scraper: If the tape marks are stubborn, you can use a razor blade or scraper to carefully scrape them off. Be careful not to scratch the glass.
  5. Hot water: Soak a cloth in hot water and place it on the tape marks for a few minutes. Then, gently rub the marks with a cloth until they come off.

Note: Always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the glass first to ensure that it doesn’t damage or scratch the glass.

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