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Once you’ve gotten your home to a point of stasis when it comes to all of the major things, you’re probably going to find, especially if you have a little bit of extra money to spare, that you’ll soon start thinking about how much fun it would be to do some remodeling.

Now, this remodeling might come in the form of DIY projects, or you might go all-out and hire a contractor – that choice is entirely personal and/or based on things like time and budget. But, five places that your itch might take you include the basement, the master bedroom, the bathroom, the kids’ room, or even just touching up the kitchen for a bit of flair.

Remodeling the Basement

Remodeling the basement can be fun because there are some extra opportunities down there. You can turn it into a gaming room, a den, an extra bedroom, or even a finished storage room. You can go at your own pace because it won’t interrupt the flow of upstairs living. And you can personalize it more than other places in those houses because it’s not as public.

Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom

And if you want to prioritize your sleeping area, then redesigning your master bedroom is going to be the way to go. Just remember that bedrooms are for sleeping, and not for TV entertainment unless you want to constantly struggle with the invasion of blue light into your dreamscapes. So make it about comfort, calm and stillness rather than digital escapism, if you want advice from the people who know how to get you a good night’s rest.

Designing the Ultimate Bathroom

And for those that want the perfect wake-up-and-get-going routine, giving your bathroom a makeover will be where you start your home remodeling projects. You’d be amazed at home much of a difference a new bathtub or shower can make, and then simply work on your sinks and mirrors is huge as well.

Making the Creative Kids Room

And if you have children, especially younger ones, a satisfying way to approach a home remodel is to start in their bedrooms. Find characters or movies that they like, borrow the themes and colors, and do some painting and shelf-building. It’s a great way to get your feet wet into DIY projects, and your kids can be involved as well.

Touching Up the Kitchen

And for those of you who cook a lot, doing a quick kitchen remodel may be your target. This might involve buying a few new appliances, or even just adding a fresh coat of paint around the food areas. Although kitchens should mostly be practical, having assorted decorations in your area can also be a breath of fresh air.

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