How to Get the Most from Spanish Lessons on Skype?

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Our company, Preply was formed to help everyone who wants to learn a language, for example, Spanish or find a personal teacher. We also give an online hand with teaching, studying and we can suggest the most appropriate tutor for your demand.


The only thing you need to do is send a request after selecting a tutor and get in contact with him or her by clicking on Send Request on his or her profile. Then you fill up an application form signing up through your email or Facebook account.

In this way, you can receive the confirmation from your tutor and will be able to communicate with him or her.

When your tutor confirms your request to work with you, our service gets in touch with you automatically via SMS and email. Payment options can be:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

After having a lesson, the tutor submits all the details about your class: date, duration and the brief summary of what you have done during that certain lesson, what you have managed to achieve and your progress. Our system now sends you a confirmation request about these details and asks you to affirm it.

Learning can happen at the tutor’s place, or you can take lessons at home or in the office as well. But one of the most popular choices is to study online using Skype.

Although Skype was launched only in 2003 we have the feeling that it had always been around forever. It has gained so much publicity and popularity since then. We do think it is the most suitable way of studying the Spanish language here.

As the researches show its increasingly huge number of users can guarantee the quality and consistency while learning Spanish on Skype. As we can see from former sources how many users there are on Skype since the beginning.

Since 2013 this number has grown. Now we can speak with about more than three hundred million people who use this social media day by day. Now, we can easily conclude that this source is perfectly suitable for learning Spanish.

The Advantages of Learning Spanish on Skype

If we have the opportunity to have a real conversation with native speakers – well, this is one of the best ways to quickly develop our Spanish. Many people wait for some years before beginning to study this beautiful language – and unfortunately, there are some who never take it all!

You have already had the first step, you have contacted us and we can give you the best experience about learning Spanish. Using Skype for this reason is extremely comfortable because you don’t even need to go anywhere you can just sit in your study and make contact with your tutor.

You have lessons whenever you want to or when you have time, since you can find tutors at any time of the day, and once you have found one and began studying Spanish together you two can determine the date, duration etc. Many people think it is impersonal to study a language on Skype, we can declare it is not. Definitely not. You can see each other; you can feel the sense of humor of the other person and can get ready for any language exams together. Also, you can study hard, achieve your points and fulfill the deadlines.

The other essential aspect is that you can learn and chat with a native tutor. What makes the most problem in studying the Spanish language when you visit a country where Spanish is spoken you may not understand what the people say there. With learning Spanish on Skype you can avoid this easily and naturally.

Speaking Spanish on Skype means a great joy and you will surely have a very good time while making a good use of your time and money. Before having your next Spanish lessons via skype it is worth making a list of things which are important for you. And when the Spanish lesson begins you can start with these short conversations.

What will be the result of joining us and learning Spanish on Skype? You will be a self-assertive Spanish speaker who can chat about those things he or she is interested in, you will be doing well in any Spanish speaking country, you can change your job for a better one – or just simply have fun.

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