Funding Options for a Home Renovation

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Most homeowners are looking for ways of making the space appealing. Home renovation is one area that can be considered to make the house increase aesthetics and the house’s value.

Several individuals think of home renovations as an expensive project, but that should not be the case. We will offer some of the tips to save for that home renovation you have always wanted in this discussion.

Home rennovation

Once a homeowner has established that the home needs a renovation.

The next step is how to fund the project.


It is termed as the most economical way for funding a home renovation project. Most individuals would agree that saving up money will come in handy with a goal in mind. The technique is feasible for homeowners planning on small projects. It is one method of funding to look into as it is cheaper.

The home equity line of credit.

The funding method is ideal for homeowners with good credit and enough equity. The technique is perfect for homeowners who require to do a project over several years and must pay the option in the line of credit. Most lenders are flexible, offering homeowners loans valued to be 80% of the home value. In addition, when using this kind of funding, the interest may be subject to some tax deductions. The advantage of the HELOC, as it is commonly referred to, is that it offers adjustable interest rates. It is one option that a homeowner can look into for that home revamp.

Cash-out refinance.

It is an ideal source of funding for homeowners who need large amounts of cash instantly. The method is suitable for individuals with good credit as it encompasses paying right away on the total debt, and the period is extended between 15 years to 30 years. It is a preferred method instead of the HELOC because the interest rates are lower and can be adjusted further. The refinancing method allows homeowners to finance about 80% percent of the home value. While at this option, you can look at the fintech payment options on how to day trade cryptocurrency.

A renovation loan.

Federal Housing Administrative (FHA) renovation loan can be another option of funding that home renovation you have always wanted. It is a good source of financing because the homeowners can borrow the amount of money equivalent to when their home acquires an improvement. In addition, it is a more suitable method of funding because there is an amount offered for improvements considered to be non-structural.

The loan provides the option of lower credit scores and a higher debt ratio.

With this kind of financing, homeowners are required to pay the mortgage insurance.

The only restriction that comes with this loan is that it does not permit an individual to make luxury improvements. The ability of this loan to offer 90% of the value of the improved home makes it a preference for people planning a home renovation because of lower equity.

Credit card.

Credit cards are not a good source of funding because of the high-interest rates. Credit cards have an interest rate value of about 17%. You can look at it as an option to qualify for a credit card with lower interest rates. You should not maximize cards over the limit as it can cost you a lower credit score.

Personal loan.

A personal loan is beneficial to a homeowner who wants to borrow small amounts of money. With this kind of financing, it is less costly and repaid over a short period. the personal loans are required to be repaid within a period of 7 years and the interest rates are on the higher side as opposed to other sources of funding.

Borrowing from friends and family.

It is an excellent method to finance home renovation. Borrowing from close people in your circle has many advantages as opposed to other forms of financing. You can come together and state the terms of payment. Home sprucing is a good idea, and you may not want to be tied down to lousy credit. While at it, you can draft a contract on payment terms and interest rates. It is vital to leave out personal feelings while at it.

Those as mentioned above are some of the funding options to spruce up your home. Before choosing any of the above options, examine the pros and cons of each to determine if it is necessary.

It is vital to have a budget and stick to it.

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