Four Active Career Alternatives to Desk Jobs

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Although marketed as the optimal career path, a desk job is not for everyone. Some find the long hours spent facing a computer screen demoralizing, while others wish their exercise regimen included more than their daily walk to the water cooler. When it comes to an office-based career, it seems that there are some problems that cannot be fixed by purchasing a standing desk.

Active Career Alternatives to Desk Jobs

Whether you’re entering the workforce or looking to switch careers, here are four alternatives to a standard desk job:

Pursue a Career in Medicine

If your desk job leaves you feeling listless and lacking in purpose, a career in medicine may be for you. This high-functioning job is filled with countless problems to solve, cases to crack, and people to save. There’s a reason that this is considered ‘the noblest profession.’ As a practitioner of medicine, you get to use your knowledge of the human body to heal injuries and save lives. You may finish the day drained, but at least you will feel as though your work has made an impact on someone’s life.

The path to being a medical practitioner is a long one. This path includes two separate degrees, completion of a residency program, and the earning of a licensure. Although the journey is arduous, many would say the destination is worth it. You cannot put a price on the belief that your work is making a difference in the world.

Become a Contractor

If you’re great at coordinating logistics but tired of your cubicle, then a career in contracting may be for you.

As a business contractor, it is your job to oversee production, source both labor and materials and maintain communication between all parties. This job allows you to flex your coordinating muscles while also flexing your actual muscles. As a contractor, you’ll be working in a hands-on environment, using powerful tools and building structures, sometimes from start to finish. This will include lifting bulky materials, moving from location to location, and being on your feet for most of the day.

To become a contractor, you’ll need to obtain a license. If you live in the United States, this process can differ from state to state. For example, there are different constraints with a contractors license than there are with a contractor’s license. To begin working as a licensed contractor, you’ll first need to do the research on the requirements of your area.

Start A Career in Film and Television

If your desk job has left you feeling bereft of creativity, why not pursue a career in the arts? The movie industry is always in need of production assistants, electricians, coordinators, and producers!

Having a job on set entails long days over a set period of time. Although the days are long, hard work can be rewarded with upward career mobility. Every major producer in Hollywood started as somebody seemingly average. Whether they began as an intern, assistant, or go-for, they worked their way to success and acclaim. So, if you want to see your name in lights – or just the credits – then a career in the film may be for you.

Begin a Career in Hospitality

If you’re a people-person who thrives on socializing, then a career in hospitality could be a great fit for you. Ranging from maitred’s to hotel general managers, a career in hospitality contains a broad spectrum. A rule of thumb is, if it deals with the organization behind a leisure activity, then it falls under the umbrella of hospitality.

These jobs focus on maintaining and delivering a great customer experience. With a career in hospitality, it is your job to ensure that the customer feels at ease and at home in your establishment. If you’ve been gifted with great people skills, then you should definitely consider a career in this field.

The requirements for this career varies from place to place. Many establishments will accept a high school diploma, while others would prefer a business degree. The universal language of hospitality is customer service and experience. So, the best way to begin a career is to be congenial, apply for a job, and garner experience!

Closing Thoughts

A desk job is not the final answer to your career path. As a unique individual, you have specialized talents, and these can be applied in numerous ways. Thus, there are countless roads that you can choose for your career path. You can follow these aforementioned suggestions, or you can go trailblazing and creating your own career trajectory. The decision is all yours!

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