Five Quick Tips That Instantly Improve Your SEO Ranking

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Getting a constant and consistent traffic to a website is the ultimate goal for the success of every online venture. If you don’t receive a good amount of users to your website, then it is a big thing to worry because it is almost impossible to transform them into leads and loyal customers.


You know that SEO plays a very role in enhancing your website at the top of Google rankings. But do you think that you have done after mere getting at the top place in the search engine?

No, this is only one part of your battle. You need to sustain with the latest trends and up to date with the changes.

In this post, we will figure out various aspects of how can you enhance SEO performance. Just follow these simple and easy steps not only to improve your SEO ranking but also retain their for longer period.

Enhance Sites Loading Speed

Loading speed of every website is very crucial aspect of search engine optimization and it also directly affects converting user’s to ultimate customers. You would be shocked to know that Amazon lost around $1.6 billion due to one second delay in page loading speed.

On an average, 40% visitors, who visits a site actually abandon it when it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google also want you to reduce your loading time period down to less than a second, specially for mobile devices, where maximum searches have now taken place.

Always remember that every extra second beyond the limited time will increase the chances of abandonment of your site or webpage.

You need to implement these simple steps to improve the speed of your site:

  • Always use caching plug-ins
  • Make sure the code is streamline and clean.
  • Optimize image sizes.
  • Reduce the number of plug-ins
  • Minimizing redirects
  • Switch on to a faster and more relevant hosting service
  • To increase downloads speed, use a content delivery network.

Still, you have certain issues with speed of website, feel free to try Google’s tool called PageSpeed Insights. This tool will help you out in finding the particular issues and will come out with some ways to fix it up.

Updation of Your Site

This is one of the most frequent mistakes repeated by marketers. Some of them think that only content quality matters to push up the rankings of the site but content freshness is also a crucial aspect of ranking algorithm. Therefore, you have to keep updated your site according to the current stream.

Although, there are so many ways to update your website but if you want to maintain your keywords strategies, the best method is to update your content by adding attractive and engaging images and  videos. This will surely entice your user’s experience and they visits your website with more enthusiasm.

You should also make ways on regular intervals to improve the visual ways of your website. Optimized layout of your site gets down the bounce rates and visitors will start engaging with your content.

Internal and Outbound Links

Both internal and outbound links are important. When you send outbound links to an authoritative websites, Google identifies the relevancy of your site.

When we talk about internal linking, you have to follow smart ways. If you properly link related articles with the other articles of the website, it helps in maintaining higher rankings. Always try to give the link of best articles of your website.

Same thing, you have to take care with external linking. When you provide valuable content to your readers, they use to feel engaged with it. Don’t do overloaded linking as it harms your rankings.

Try to go for smart linking as it has the ability to keep the visitors hang around your website and they stay for longer.

Social Media Presence

With the increase in the internet and smartphone users, it is mandatory for you to be active on various social media platforms. Today Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest have become widely popular among the people and this is increasing rapidly.

When you get the links from these social media connections, Google also appreciate it and considers your website as relevant to its norms. When more people likes and share your blogs, more visibility you will receive from these channels.

Some quick tips to increase your ranking via social media are as follows:

Add on social media buttons to the sidebar of your content.

Use call to action button with your content.

You can also offer free piece of content to your visitors in exchange of a social media likes and shares.

Use High Quality and Authentic Content

Quality and authenticity of your content is one of the most important driver of  search engine rankings and there is not any alternative to this. High quality content not only enhance your position on Google rankings but also intend your user’s to stay there longer due to the interesting content.

Fistly, give importance to the quality of content and make this into your mind that this quality page is written for your user’s not to attain rankings. The other essential things to remember are:

Identify a keyword phrase for every single page.

Repeat the phrase for maximum times as in the opening and closing paragraphs.

Use important tags like bold, heading, italics to highlight the keyword phrases.

Final Words

So, here comes an end to this engaging blog related to some quickest ways to enhance your your website’s ranking on search engines. These are some best ways that we have brought to you by lots of research and studies.

I hope you like this piece and it will surely help in enhancing and maintaining your SEO rankings. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this topic, we love to get your valuable feedback.

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